Signs Of Miscarrige

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mike - August 29

my wife is 8 weeks pregnent and she is starting to spot a little but there is no clotting or any pain is this normal and what should we do.


Melissa - August 27

It could mean that there is a problem with the pregnancy, or it could mean nothing at all. Some women do spot and have full term pregnancies, some spot and have miscarriages. So, I would say to tell your provider about it and go in to have an ultrasound done. If the heartbeat is seen, than odds are the pregnancy will be fine. Also, infection can cause bleeding so she needs to be checked for infection. Sometimes there is no explaination for spotting. Good Luck and hang in there!


bec79 - August 27

I did some spotting early on in my pregnancy, probably around the 8 to 10 week range and my doctor told me that as long as there wasn't any cramping or clotting that it was ok. Also they said that intercourse can cause spotting.


Loren - August 28

My sister spotted throughout her entire 9 months and had healthy twins. She did seem to notice the spotting got worse after intercourse so her doctor told her just not to have as much deep penetration and it seemed to ease up. She never had clotting or pain.


623 - August 28

I just had intercourse for the first time being pregnant... or so until I knew I was pregnant. I noticed a bit of spotting after. I was a bit worried... but seems to be ok. It is safe to have intercourse when pregnant right? There are no pre-cautions we should take? I have never been pregnant before so I dont know much. Have to go out and get the "what to expect when you are expectin" book.


Sonja - August 29

S_x and spotting is common becuase of the extra blood flow to the v____a. It is very safe to have s_x during pg. as long as your pg is normal. It you are spotting due to not having s_x your wife needs to go one pelvic rest. which means nothing in the vigina. It is not uncommon to have a bleed during pg. Most of the bleeds are due to the mother not the baby. Her doctor will advise her to take it easy for a couple of days and pelvic rest for about 2 weeks. Call the doctor cause they might have Her come in for a ultrasound and you both will get to see the baby :)



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