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melonbelly - July 30

Does anybody else intend to wear a full face of make up while in labor and delivery? I want to look decent in my after-baby pics.


Katharine - July 30

Not a silly question at all. Last time, I had a shower right before going to the hospital and, for me at least, fresh faced does NOT do well on film! This time, I have been careful to wear make-up everyday, just in case I go into labor. Obviously, if I went into labor, I certainly wouldn't stop to put any on, but I hope I have at least some on when I have to go to the hospital.


jb - July 30

I am planning to wear makeup. Even if its the middle of the night I'll at least put on some lip gloss and concealer. I know by the time I deliver Ill probably look like c___p though. Oh well, You cant blame a girl for always trying to look her best.


crystal - July 30

When I had my first child I didn't have a full face of make-up on just foundation,mascara, and a little gloss and luckly I went to get my hair done the day before, and everyone at the hospital compliment me on how good I looked in lobor. I say if you have time to fix your self up them go ahead.


amanda - July 30

i completely plan on wearing makeup when i deliver...simply because i want my child to see a pretty face when he comes out not something that fell out of the ugly treee......i think you should do what you wish wear it or not. - July 31

Remember that sweat and tears do NOT mix well with makeup. PLUS having a wet rag rubbed across your face to cool you off will give you some hellacious racoon eyes. And OMG -- dont forget how it feels when sweat meets makeup and goes straight to the eyeball..... ouchee.....


Shauna - July 31

I don't think i'll bother with make-up since panda eyes are worse for me than bare faced. I think I'll be more concerned about how baby looks than me! I'll take make-up with me for the vistors sake afterwards though. I'll be more concerned that my bikini line is in order! hehe


melonbelly - July 31

Yeah, panda eyes are not good, but waterproof mascara should take care of that. I'll probably skip on the eyeliner. Shauna, if you figure out a way to "groom" your bikini line, please let me know. I can't see mine anymore! I'm going to have an embara__sing hack job down there, I'm sure.


Seriously bad mood! - August 1

I'm not going to bother. I think with all the hours of sweating and straining, my make up will be running down my face, and that "Crying Panda" look is definitely less attractive than no make-up at all. I'll just wipe my face afterwards and quickly slap some on for the photo shoot.


preggo mommy - August 1

lol just make sure everything is water proof because your going to sweat and cry.I may wear make up but not sure yet...


s - August 1



J - August 1

I always think about that, I think about everyone coming and visiting and me looking like complete c___p. I dont know what to do, b/c either way after delivery you have to take a shower and then what, I don't know if I will even remember to pack makeup when I go into labor, b/c that is not something I can pack ahead of time. I hope I can figure somethng out b/c I really don't want all my friends and family to see what I really look like. LOL it's tough being a girl!!


KM - August 1

That will be the last thing on your mind. But I guess I don't wear makeup often anyway, so I never bothered. the only thing I bothered doing before i went to the hospital was showering and shaving. Youre going to look like c___p anyway after labour, theres no avoiding it lol.


Julie - August 2

After my water broke at 11:00 at night I took a shower and did my makeup and then we left for the hospital. Why can't you still look good?


Stephanie - August 2

I will be wearing make-up for sure. My mom(who has 5 children-I'm the oldest) has always worn make-up and looked great during labor. She didn't sweat or anything. I'm sure labor is different for everyone. But I plan on looking my absoulte best.


Shelly - August 3

I am soo happy you posted this question.I will defenetly wear make-up and i'm even sleeping nowadays with make-up on just in case i have to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night.


Jeriah - August 3

I found using black and white film for labor and after works the best. I felt the B&W pictures caught the emotion while the color pictures looked like something out of "ER"



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