Single Umbilical Artery 19 Weeks

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Kath - December 3

Last week at my 19 week scan and the midwife has just called to say everything looks fine but that the scan could only detect one umbilical artery and one vein when usually there is two umbilical arteries and one vein...if anyone else has heard of or experienced this, please let me know what you know.....apparently sometimes there is a link with defects, particularly the heart or kidneys. I'm sure much of the time there is nothing to worry about but I have been advised to have another scan at 28 weeks to check the baby is growing well. I am a natural worrier and worse than ever since this news and since I had a missed miscarriage with my previous (and only other) pregnancy. Anyone else had/heard of this?


Renee - December 4

I'm sorry, I don't have any insight to your question but would advise to gather info from the internet as well as your doc. Good luck!


Kath - December 5

thanks for your thoughts Renee...if anyone else has any advice, I would love to hear it....


Courtney - December 8

Kath, hi there! I am 22 weeks and my doctor detected the same about a month ago. You are right about those birth defects a__sosiated with it along w/ chromosomal abnormalities. My doctor suggested an amniocentesis to atleast rule out chromosomal defects. I, like you, am a worrier so decided to do the amnio. There is a 1 in 200 chance of misscarriage a__sosiated with that, but a 20%chance of chromosomal abnormalities in a child born with single umbilical artery. My advice would be to atleast ask your doctor if you could do an amnio to so that way you wont have to worry about the chromosomes, you'll know for sure. If you look up "single umbilical artery" on the internet they give tons of info on what it could mean for a baby, and I admit its pretty scary. My amnio came back and the baby was fine in that retrospect, but I still worry about little Jacie's lungs, heart and other defects such as clubbed feet, cleft lip, and that sorta thing. The more you know, the better you feel. On a brighter note, I have talked to a few doctors and nurses who say that they know many people with this who were born with healthy babies. Best of luck to you!


angel - December 8

My mother in law had the same thing happen to her baby, he was born last week a healthy 6 pounds 8 ounces, nothing at alls wrong with him. So keep ur head up. :-)


00 - December 9

My aunts daughter was bornunder these circ_mstances and she did not fare well. she had ma__sive heart and lung problems apon birth she had one clubed foot and a very mild but noticable case of CP.


Mommy - December 10

My youngest son was im the same situation. I had to get sonograms every week after the 34th week to make sure he was fine. So far he is healthy and happy 7 month old. I don't think there is anything wrong with him, but he is a bit behind in development. He is still not sitting on his own and not very well with suppport. He is trying to crawl now though. Anyway, he seems to be just fine in every other way to me.


Amanda - December 19

Im 32 weeks and my babys cord only has 1 artery aswell. My doc says that he has delivered babies with SUA and they were mostly fine. When they found this abnormality in my pregnancy they also thought there were some others aswell like a white bladder whatever that means and too much fluid in the head. But I had another scan and the fluid was actually within normal range and the professor said that the kidneys are probably white because the baby somehow digested some of my blood (vampire). So they asked if I wanted to have an amnioscentesis as having a group of abnormalities can indicate chromosomal abnormalities but apparently my risk is still low. So yeah Ive been researching the single umbilical artery thing because Im really kinda worried aswell. Apparently the babies with this are seven times more likely to have things wrong with them, even still only around 30% of them do, but it's pretty worrying isnt it? But mine is kicking away and getting hiccups like a normal fetus and her growth is normal, so I'll let you know what happens when she pops out :) Hopefully all is well and good luck with your pregnancy


bluedevil - March 21

At our 18 weeks ultrasound scan yesterday, my wife and I were told that our baby girl got SUA. At the same time, her spine is sub-optimally seen due to fetus postion as the doc said. All other things is normal. As suggested, We have decided to do the Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) test and will know the result next week. It seems like if our baby girl 's spine is ok at another scan, we still have the same worry as you do. As I learned internet, if everything is normal except SUA, I guess I will worry about the baby growth when she is getting bigger. We worry and hope best of luck for you and us!!



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