Sister Got A Positive Test But We Re Trying

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------ - November 8

h__lo, my husband and i have been using no protection at all since august, yet every month my period comes, my sister had one mistake and after many negative tests she finally got a positive one,how should i act happy when i am disappointed because now it seems if it happens for us we will be stealing their thunder!! she had asked when we were going to be trying and i said not until..., but it was really just a private matter between my husband and i, we really see it as noones buisness but ours until we are pregnant and decide to tell everyone, please give me some encouragement and advice!!!! i'm very distraught!! only this would happent to me... :(


m - November 8

I totally see where you are coming from. But you have been trying for a while now, and you shouldn't worry about it. I bet your sister would be supportive of you. Think of it this way, you can be preggers together. Shop together, get nurseries ready together, etc. It could be a bonding experience. I would just keep on trying. Don't be sad, ok. If it would make you feel better, confide in your sis and tell her your situation. That way, when you do get pregnant, she'll be expecting it and you won't have to worry about telling her. Good luck! By the way, do you watch "Friends"? If not, you probably won't get this, but when you said "stealing their thunder", that reminded me of when Monica and Chandler got engaged and she accused Rachel of stealing her thunder. LOL


---- - November 8

m--- thank you so much!!! i appreciate your concern and i will talk to her, do you think i should keep trying then?? also i love Friends, so yes i do remember that episode, Thanks again!!!


E - November 8

M is on the money. I loved having a cousin so close to my age as a child. We were best buddies and only 2 months apart. You can say: "Guess what, baby x is going to have a playmate!!". I am sure she will be thrilled. You can also have a double baby shower, or is that pushing it, lol?


m - November 8

oh, most definitely keep trying! The more the merrier! And as E said, the baby cousins will be close in age, which will make them super playmates!


curious - November 8

i know just how you feel. i wasn't to happy to hear that my cousin and his wife are expecting in march. my husband and i have been trying since august as well. it's hard to be happy for them but deep down inside i really am. just keep on trying for yourself just like us.


Leigh - November 8

Hang in there!! I had a miscarriage in March after two normal pregnancies. I found out in July that my sixteen year old sister was seven months pregnant and she was giving the baby up for adoption. Not only was I mourning the loss of my precious angel but I had to deal with the loss of my niece as well. The best advice that I can give you is to keep trying and stay positive :o)


kellie - November 8

Deffiently Hang in there I remember when a friend of mine told me she was preg at the beginning of the year she had her baby in aug and the next month after she found out she was expecting i found out i baby is due well overdue as of was a great time for us even though we where not family we act like it i was there for her threw everything threw her baby shower did everything i could now i am getting the same thing the kids will no doubt be close and if you are a close family to your sister then she would only be thrilled to be having a baby the same time as you keep trying dont get discouraged and dont think of it as stealing her thunder Think of it at making a bigger boom! no one has to know that you are trying to concive that is between you and your partner Just remember keep your heads up and dont get discouraged because the more you get discouraged the harder it will be to have a baby because of all of the stress.....Good luck to you


~~Amanda~~ - November 8

This is for LEIGH. I see you were saying that your sis is preg and giving the baby up for adoption. Can you adopt her baby??? Just wondering??? Good luck and God Bless!!!!1


Carly - November 9

I am in a similar situation. We were trying, but very private about it and my sister got pregnant on her first try. She had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and now I feel bad if I get pregnant. She was in her glory having the first grandchild and now if I get pregnant I will be having the first grandchild. I am not going to stop trying, but I feel too guilty to talk about it in front of her.


------- - November 9

Carly, that is terrible to hear about your sister, God forbid it happens to mine but your situation is exactly what mine is until the miscarriage part, i am happy for her but since it was her fisrt try and this is my 4th month what ifi am infertile... i just want to knew i can have children!!



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