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smichellem23 - May 31

I am 7 months pregnant, and i feel like i haven't gotten any bigger than i was when i was 3 or 4 monts. How big should I be?? SOme people say that they can't even tell that i'm pregnant. Is something wrong? Could something be wron with the baby? Help me please!


sophandbob - May 31

Think about those people who go the whole 9 months and only realise they are pregnant when labour starts. My aunt barely showed she was pregnant at all. It completely depends on where the baby is lying. At 7 months i take it you must have been for u/s and dr appointments, where the size would've been checked and any abnormalities would've been mentioned to you. Next time you go to the dr, just mention your concern, and ask if the baby is the right size. (s)he'll measure you and palpatate your abdomen to check the size as a matter of course anyway. But relax and feel smug that you can still fit into all your normal clothes. Oh, and people just love to comment on how big you should or shouldn't be - without thinking about what we do with that nugget of information they've just pa__sed on - so ignore them, and maybe take it as a compliment.


Newhoneybuns - May 31

i'm 20 weeks pregnant and it doesnt really show yet that i am pregnant. I went for my ultrasound last friday and doctor told me that my baby was just perfect for her age and even a bit tall. SO don't worry all women are different and all pregnancy are different. You might pop out in a week or two or maybe even not. I was stressing myself out with this also but i found out it's normal and we are just lucky that baby is gaining the weight not us :) Although i still want that huge belly lol


sara b - May 31

Just think!!! No stretch marks!!!! I really didn't pop till about the 35 week mark. After that there was no hiding it. By the time I delivered I could barely walk. Be careful what you wish for. LOL. Good luck.



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