Sk8 Board Championship Whilst Pregnant

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thalias mum - October 19

I am a skateboard star and am 4 months expecting. I wish to partake in tournament except I will be 7 months expecting at its time. Will I look like a slag if I compete whilst very pregnant? I might be showing and it might draw attention I am afraid.


Tiana - October 19

Are you crazy?!!!! See a big thing about having a child is putting YOUR life on hold. I am in the navy, I got pregnant, (still am), and they wouldn't even let me run a mile because it can cause need to take it easy and relax.... I don't think it would be safe for your baby. But the best thing to do is ask a doctor. Have you done that yet?


a - October 19

Whoa, don't do it! You are just asking to push yourself into pre-term labor. I know how it feels to lose some of the important activities in your life, but that's just how it goes with a baby. The last thing you want is to take a fall and harm your child. To deliver at seven months would be very hard to deal with - there could be complications.


Amy - October 19

I don't think that is such a good idea either. Not only would you most likely draw attention to yourself (you will probably be showing at 7 months more than likely), but if you would happen to fall, you could seriously hurt the baby. The best thing to do would be put skateboarding on hold until after you have given birth in my opinion. But I agree that you should talk to your doctor. I doubt he/she will want you doing any kind of sport where there is possible impact.


Alex - October 19

hilarious! you should dodge cars afterwards


Gemma - October 19

What if you fall over you could really hurt your baby.


pbj - October 19

I'll be honest, I don't think you'll be able to do it at 7 months, much less even want to. By seven months you'll be showing...a lot, you probably won't even have the balance you normally have so you won't be able to balance on the board. I would talk to your doctor about your level of activity and what he/she would consider acceptable, but I'm pretty sure that your doctor would not recommend skatingboarding.


crazy - October 19

you are NUTS if you do this. gee whiz lady, skateboarding is the LAST thing that needs to come before your baby's welfare!!


fake - October 19

y'all believe anything thats posted here! this post is fake as fake gets.



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