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abby - August 14

This is my first preg. and we just found out that we were last week. We are 5 wks and 1 day. Does it matter this early on how you sleep? I have heard about sleeping on your side, but not sure when that is? Can anyone help? Also, is it worse to lift things earlier or later in the pregnancy? Thanks for any help.


child of one already - August 13

when i was pregnant i was told to always sleep on my side right through my pregnancy that way there is no strain on the baby at all. Also specially in the first trimester you shouldn't be lifting anything heavy that also puts to much stain on the baby. Good luck and CONGRATS


abby - August 13

Thanks, I've always wanted to get pregnant, but I'm new at this and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my baby.


Me - August 13

It's very early days. There's still 7 or so weeks before you are past the 3 month mark. Don't stress about every little thing, just enjoy. Good luck.


kellie - August 14

just enjoy dont worry about it all this baby will be fine i am sure but they do tell you to limit down on heartburn and reflux as well as to get oxygen to the baby better to sleep on your left side i sleep in every position still and i am 7 months pregnate granted to baby is more active when i am in some positions than other but this is my 4th baby and they have all been born just fine with the way i have done things since the first. I wish you luck if you want to chat feel free to e mail me [email protected] i have had some rocky roads with them but all have been born healthy and happy


Melissa - August 14

You can sleep as you always have at this point. Your baby is the size of a piece of corn and sleeping on your back or stomach will not affect your baby now. When you start to show, around 4-5 months, then you want to only sleep on you sides. They say to sleep on your left side if at all possible, because sleeping on your right too much and for too long can deprive baby of adequate blood flow. This is because your right side contains your largest artery and the weight of the baby can press against this. I am pregnant with my third, I am a stomach and back sleeper and I am enjoying my first trimester as I can sleep on my stomach and my back right now! In a couple months, I won't be able to. About lifting, avoid lifting heavy objects during your entire pregnancy. It is just better to take it easy. I think that up to 40 pounds is ok. Good Luck!



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