Sleepin G Difficulty

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julie - November 14

I have been a stomach sleeper as long as I can remember.Now that I am 5 months along I can not seem to get comfortable on my stomach as it feels like I'm sleeping on a rock. What can I do To adjust to side sleeping. I'm losing alot of sleep just trying to get cozy!


Kendra - November 14

I have been having the exact same problem! What I have been doing is using a body pillow - sleeping on my side and holding it against my stomach. It sort of tricks your body into thinking you're on your stomach. It's still not terribly comfortable, because let's be honest, there's only so much trickery you can pull over on yourself - but it's worth a shot. I sure hope someone has a better suggestion!


Charlene - November 14

Yes, starting to hate sleeping. I have tried sleeping on my sides and my hips end up sore as does my back. I now find myself propping one knee way up to support my stomach. So far it has been the best thing that has worked, although I know that won't last too much longer - sigh.......maybe I'll just have to move to the recliner and sleep there for a few months :)


Julie - November 14

thanks for your answers! my hips ache too if i spend too long on one side. I ve got a bodypillow iplan to use tonight. I don't remember having this much trouble with my first pregnancy.. When are you due? my date is mar.16,2006.


D - November 14

Do Not sleep on your stomach! Sleep on your left side as much as possible and put a pillow between your legs.


Dustie - November 14

Just wait until your hands start aching at night! I have pregnancy induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Now that really makes it hard to sleep, on top of the burning hips & peeing constantly!


Charlene - November 14

I have heard nothing bad about sleeping on your stomach and besides - once can only do it for so long anyway and then it is impossible and more uncomfortable anyway. I have the body pillow, but it just seems so big. I have tried a reg pillow between my knees and it helps some, but I cannot stay in one position for too long. I find that my arms do fall asleep and that wakes me up to. So much fun!! I am due March 7 and did not and do not want to know the s_x of the baby!!


J - November 14

it's hard but you just have to do it. I have always been a stomach sleeper but I stopped as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I just put a lot of pillows on both sides of me and I lay on top of one. I sometimes find that when I wake up I am laying halfway on my stomach or all the way on my back. It's hard but you just have to adjust for a while.


Michelle - November 14

Good question Julie! I too find myself on my tummy, no matter how hard I try, nothing is comfy. I am going into 7months now, so on the tummy is impossible. I lye on my left side facing my hubby. It works for me. I tried the body pillow and it ended up on the floor. *laughs* Good Luck all!


Jewell24 - November 14

I hug a pillow and also put a pillow behind me wedging myslef in so I stay on my side. I read sleeping straight on your back can cut off blood vessels to the baby.


elle - November 14

i love sleeping on my stomach my midwife suggest getting a boppy pillow (b___st feeding pillow) and put my stomach in it...hope it helps!


KLC - November 15

Hey Julie...I am a tummy sleeper too and I can sleep in other positions I just can't fall asleep in any other way than on my tummy!!! So I am 20 weeks pregnant and I found that it works if you lay on your tummy but put one leg bent at the knee uo towards your hip and angle your other hip so that you are actually laying more on your side but still get the feeling of beely sleeping. Hope this helps!!!


Julie - November 15

Thank you all for your input .I tried some of your ideas and they helped!!Good luck to all of you with your pregnancy and birth.



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