Sleeping Babes This Will Be A Good Convo Pls Respond

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Leigh - October 6

It seems that with every season of new babies comes new advice on how your baby should be sleeping. I don't want this to turn into a fight over who is right, whose doctor is right, etc. I am just looking for information from others: what did your doc say? What did your family say? How did you sleep (if you know)? What have you done with previous children? Will this one be the same? For years parents were told to put babies on their stomaches, then that changed when it was decided they could suffocate on the mattress/blankets. Then they were told on their backs, and the debate of drowning in spit up occurred. Now I'm hearing a lot of doctors say side sleeping, but some claim it is bad for the baby's neck. So, share your thoughts.


Steph - October 6

I slept on my stomach, according to my mom and hate to admit it, but after about two weeks of my daughter being born, she slept in a swing swaddled up. Yep. And before those two weeks, she slept on my chest. That was the only way that I could get her to sleep and she slept that same way until she was five months old. Then she slept in her crib, I would have to rock her to sleep and then gently lay her down so she would not wake up, and then have my night....that is if she did not wake up. BTW, she had to be swaddled until she was 11-12 months old...she oviously really enjoyed it!!


Andrea - October 6

I slept on my stomach, but these days I've heard on their sides, too. I always wonder which way is really "right" or if there even IS a right way.


Lucy - October 6

With my son he liked to swaddled and most of the time he slept on the side. The midwife came to first me and told me off for swaddling him......but i ignored her as we both needed to sleep and this was the only way he would.


TruckinFool - October 6

My son slept on his side, stomach, back. whichever way he could... from birth, we had one of those stupid positioner things and if he didn't want to be on his side, he just rolled over it. I think God figured out the best way to sleep...Whatever way the body wants to sleep.


Leigh - October 6

I guess I should have included my own experience! As a baby, I slept on my stomach. Back in the 80's, that was the norm, from what my mother tells me. I'm not sure if I would've slept any other way, as to this day I am among the only 6% of individuals who are stomach sleepers. I CANNOT sleep any other way or I'll go insane! As for my kids, well, I'll have to get back to in a couple of months and let you know how it goes. ;)


Jamie - October 7

I was a tummy sleeper. Doc said to put my baby on her back. But, she sleeps best on her side, so I let her. I check on her frequently, though.


Jamie - October 7

oh, and Leigh...good luck with the stomach pulled it off til I was 7 months, but after that, I was just too big. Then I had a c-section, and haven't slept on my stomach since.


Liz - October 7

My son sleeps better and more sound on his stomach so I let him. If he sleeps on his back he stirs alot and wakes up a few times needing help to get back to sleep. I want him to be comfortable and get the best sleep he can. I don't put him on his back anymore because he doesn't like it. He sleeps in bed with me. I am an extremely light sleeper and can keep an eye on him. If he moves the slightest bit I wake up and check on him. I think as long as there is nothing around that the baby can suffocate on then its okay.


M.A. - October 7

This is what I was told, and it worked great for us. Put baby on their back. When they are able to roll over by themselves, then it is safe for them to sleep on their tummy. But let them roll and get comfy on their tummy themselves. Never start them on their tummy. That way if they can't breathe, they can roll back over to their back on their own. If you put them on their side they could roll on their tummy and maybe not be able to get back on their back. This worked out for us, and our baby only woke up a few times a night for the first month or two, then slept throughout the whole night since.


Lissi - October 7

I slept on my stomach, as did my brothers. I've been warned never to do this by my doctor, and I shouldn't even put my baby on her side. She always sleeps on her back at night even though she's more comfortable on her side, because I'm worried about SIDS. Spitting up isn't a problem, because she always turns her head to one side and lets it run down her cheek. My baby loves to be swaddled too, unless she's in a bad mood, then nothing works.


tiffani~25 days to go!! - October 7

For fear of SIDS, I put both of my kids to sleep on their backs. The incidence of SIDS has seen a dramatic decline ever since the "Back to Sleep" campaign began years ago. I was quite a wreck when my little ones discovered how to roll over onto their tummy in the middle of the night. I tried everything to prevent it, but I just couldn't. As a baby, and as an adult, i've always been a stomach sleeper. Even now, nearly 9 months pregnant, i've still been able to manage a few ZZZ's on my stomach if the baby is in the right position. Now, my son was not content sleeping on his back, so for the first few months, he slept in either his swing, carseat (carrier) or in our bed laying on his side. You'll just have to experiment and decide what works best for you. If you want a recommendation, I say put the baby to sleep on his back. :o)


karine - October 7

i think you should try to put your baby the way you think he sleeps better. In the hospital where i got my kids, it has alot of advertis____nt (sleep on back) and all that stuff...i remember even pampers diapers (i think Newborns) have some that says back is better on its vague....anyways i tried that with daughter but she would always end up on her stomach. so i let her be, she was comfy and slept for long hours, she still does today and she is three. my son i put him on his back and he loved it, and as he grew...12mts....he slept on his stomach too. i also slept on my stomack


keekee - October 7

My boys slept on their backs. I also was afraid of SIDS and wanted to lower the suffocation risk. I would do the reasrch and make the best decision for your family...Take care


Jbear - October 7

I was told to put both of my kids to sleep on their backs, because if they're on their sides they can roll onto their tummies. My first started rolling over early, and after that I let her sleep however she wanted. The pediatrican I have now says the baby has to sleep on her back until she's six months, and if she rolls in her sleep I'll have to get up and flip her back over (you can tell this doc is a man). For my kids at least, when they sleep on their backs they turn their head to one side, so if they spit up it just dribbles out the side of the mouth and onto the mattress. My mom said she was told to put me on my tummy, my middle sister on her back, and my youngest sister on her tummy. When I had this baby, she asked what the current fad was, so she'd know which way to put the baby down.


Mica - October 7

Look up the "Back to Sleep Campaign". You can't argue with these stricking numbers! IT'S IMPORTANT TO LOOK AT THE FACTS NOT JUST OPINIONS! How many babies die-ing of SIDS because they "like" to sleep on their tummies is too many??? I say one is too many! best to you!


HH - October 8

Stomach sleeping is a__sociated with SIDS. Back or side (if you can keep them there) are best. You can buy sleep positioners. Look up the stats if you aren't sure.



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