Sleeping On Left Side

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Bonnie - October 8

I read that you are supposed to sleep on your left side when pregnant (I am 25 weeks). It said when you sleep on your back it puts pressure on some vein or something that carries oxygen to the baby and that it can cut it off. My question is, what happens if you lay on your right side? I naturally sleep on my left mostly, but I'm a mover when I sleep and liek to flip all around or I get uncomfortable. Is there any harm being on the right?


hi - October 8

no ,you can sleep on either side you want.


TO Bonnie-Dawn - October 8

I cant sleep on my left side long. I always wake up and flip to my right side. Heck most nights I wake up on my back. I am 38wks and everything has been fine through my pregnancy.


ally - October 8

sleep any way u like, never heard that sleeping on ur back did anything.


Lara - October 8

The only reason I have heard where you shouldn't sleep on your right side is there is a greater chance of something happening to the baby where it would ingest some of its own fecies , this is very rare, and you definately have alot BIGGER problems if this does you are not supposed to sleep on your back because it blocks the vein carrying oxygen to baby, and of course you wont be able to sleep on your belly...hope this was of help to you


Cora - October 9

Sleeping on your back doen not cut off blood flow to the baby, it decreases blood flow to your lower extremities, you would awake with numb legs before anything ever happened to the baby. Chances of that are very rare. All though sleeping on your back once you hit 35 weeks I find is very uncomfortable, too much pressure on everything internal.


Cora - October 9

sorry...that should read ' does not cut off blood flow'


C - October 9

I sleep any way I feel comfy and it's on my right side. Consciously I try to sleep on my left side but it doesn't last long :). Our body tells us when we are not comfy and when we are not breathing right even when asleep and we subconciously correct this by moving. So, don't worry.


lynnstress - October 9

Everybody says sleeping on your left side is best, but I recently read that it is not as big of a deal as previously thought if you do happen to move and sleep on your right side or even your back for a few hours. I'm glad for that; I usually sleep on my back!


..... - October 9

if u lay on your back try not to be flat but up a little, and my doc said to sleep on left or right and try to avoid being flat on your back.



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