Sleeping On Your Tummy

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Jodie86 - June 1

I know this may sound really silly, but is it ok to sleep on your tummy whilst pregnant? I'm 12 weeks now, and have been for the past couple of days (the sleeping on belly bit), but in the morning i've been really uncomfortable. This is my first pregnancy, so i suppose everything is worrying! Just trying to keep my little baby safe!


Patti - June 1

Sleeping on your tummy is fine. It just gets uncomfortable for you as your belly grows. I was still sleeping on my tummy until about 18 weeks with my first one. Do it now while you can! I'm so sick of sleeping on my side. I can't wait to belly and back sleep again!


Jodie86 - June 1

Hey Patti thank you for replying so quickly!!! How far gone are you now?


Patti - June 1

I'm on pregnancy #4 (last!) and 26 weeks along. So far it's been a pretty good pregnancy, but it's getting a bit uncomfortable now. I think a lot of it is the heat and not getting enough sleep. Congratulations on your first pregnancy!


Been There - June 1

Jodie, if you're uncomfortable, you may want to stop sleeping on your stomach. There's probably a reason you're uncomfortable. Listen to your body.


krista-lee - June 1

my doctor said not to because it slows down blood flow to the baby


Patti - June 1

Huh, my Dr's have told me it's okay as long as it's comfortable. I also found some info online that said it cannot harm the baby because it's surrounded by amniotic fluid. Try,1511,6592,00.html take out any hyphens in the web address. I know you shouldn't sleep on your back can slow down the blood supply. ... I guess you should consult your Dr. Best of luck!


lexa - June 1

Hi there ladies! I was sleeping on my stomach until about 18 weeks or so too. I am 22 weeks along now, and it is quite uncomfortable! I usually go to sleep on my belly, so now I can only fall asleep somewhat on my side with my knee up as far as I can get it (I feel like I'm on my belly). Funny thing is they say don't sleep on your back, don't sleep this way and that way...but you know what...once you fall asleep, how do you really know what position you are in? I know when I am in a deep slep and I end up on my back, I don't know! I say however it is comfortable right now to get a few winks, get it. A little further down the road, we will be praying for a good night's sleep:-)


jessicajo - June 5

Just stop when it starts getting uncomfortable if it feels okay that is fine i am 20 weeks and sleep on my stomach but it is starting to be uncomfortable


Kristin72 - June 6

what about sleeping on your back is that ok? I heard this may not be good..also, when excercising and you lay on your back for say sit-ups is that alright?? thanks..kristin


Rhonda - June 6

When i was pregnant,my dr told me not to sleep on my stomach b/c of pressure on the fetus.He said the best sleeping position was on your left side b/c it allows for maximum blood flow to the fetus.Sleeping on your back is not recommended either b/c of pressure it puts on the vein that returns blood from the lower body to the heart.


lexa - June 6

Kristin72, Rhonda is right about sleeping on your back. Also, how far along are you? I'm not sure how far you are, but you are not supposed to do sit ups after your first trimester! Check with your doctor on your exercise regime. They say doing sit ups reduces oxygenated blood flow to the baby. So please watch doing them!


livdea - June 7

well as you know now it's okay to sleep on your tummy! I have been the whole time...I even-mindlessly-did a fully b__wn belly flop onto my bed at 6 months...yeah DUH! Just last night I tried to sleep on my stomach and for the first time...I couldn't. It hurt. I was so bummed! Nonetheless I made it to 35 weeks of sleeping on my tummy on and off so I can't really complain! I just sleep however I'm comfy and really it's fine. You'll know if it's not, it wont feel good. Otherwise, sleep away!



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