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mcbanes_angel - July 13

before i got pregnant, i always slept on my stomach. i have still done that on and off a little bit, but i try to sleep on my side, beucase i heard that sleeping on your back is bad, and i dont wnat to squish Abby when i sleep on my tummy. the only problem is that i have a bad back to begin with, and sleeping on my side really hurts and i always wind up on my back or stomach when i wake up. Sleeping on my stomach is the only comfortable position, but i am afraid to sleep in that position becuaase of Abby. Is there any suggestions on how to sleep on my side without hurting my back?


twin_mum2be - July 13

well my dr told me not to sleep on my tummy coz it does not let alot of blood get to the baby, the dr said to sleep on my side so that it does not slow any thing down


CaliTrish - July 14

Had my first childbirth cla__s this week and the instructor said it was okay to sleep on your stomach as long as it was comfortable to you, eventually your belly will get too big. You're not going to harm the baby. However, sleeping on your back can interfere with blood circulation to two major veins running through your abdomen. It will likely wake you before harming the baby. So, if you wake up lightheaded, prop pillows around you so you don't sleep on your back.


Seredetia - July 15

You could try a full body pillow to help ease your back. This might make it easier to "force" yourself to your side. They can be found at most stores like Target/Walmart. Good luck.


krc - July 15

I say sleep in whatever position is most comfortable for you. I am 37 weeks and I slept on my back up until very recently because he's gotten bigger and it is too uncomfortable. As far as which side to sleep on, if you research it enough you will see mixed opinions. The past few days for me though sleeping or lounging on my left has proven beneficial because when I lay on my right side I get sharp pains in my pubic bone like someone is pinching my crotch !!! But overall how I slept was never an issue for me until I was in my 8th month. The closer you get to the end the more miserale and less sleep you will get. I am down to maube 2-3 hours a night and when you reach that point you wont care, you'll do just about anything for a good nights rest or atleast a moment of comfort !!! good luck



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