Sleeping Positions

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nickollette - February 21

being pregnant there are very few comfortable positions to choose from. im 25 weeks and cant sleep on my back bc 1. its not good to, and 2. i feel a huge pressure from him resting on all those organs and stuff. cant sleep on my stomach bc i dont want to crush him, and its just plain uncomfortable now. so ive tried the whole side thing out, but now my hips are KILLING me from having so much pressure on them, i try alternating sides but that lasts maybe an hour, so im up every hour trying to find something that works, but nothing does. its gotten to the point where ive caught myself sleep-sitting. my hips are soo sore that if i sit cross-legged then i feel the pressure then too.


Ashley - February 21

Well I just had another sleepless night... I'm 34 weeks and let me tell you it does get worse!!! Anyhow, I found that buying a pregnancy pillow helps to put under your belly and putting a pillow in b/w your legs really helps. Also, putting another pillow behind you to lean on. Sounds like a lot of pillows but its the only way I found I could get some rest!


nickollette - February 21

while on the general area of sleep, what up with the dreams? ive woken up bawling hysterically twice so far. my first dream i had was of someone breaking in my parents home killing my mom and dog, and me running to the back door trying to catch them but then they threatened i was next, and then last night i dreamt that my bf got back with his ex and they got married in a week. i just feel bad bc i woke me and him up crying hysterically, and i was mad at him for the dream.


dayo - February 21

i had the same problem, but then i got a body pillow..the long ones and i would put it between my legs, it really took the hip pain away..good luck


tanya - February 21

i had the same problem, didnt get body pillows but i found that if i would lay half on my side and half on my belly with one leg bent up across the bed. that way your not really on your side and not really on you belly. the only thing that worked for me. good luck


Paula - February 21

I freaked myself out last night when I woke up after sleeping for god-knows-how-long on my stomach!! I'm 36 weeks!! It started to hurt and that's what woke me up. Hope I don't do that again. I have found recently that sleeping on my side with my legs stick-straight was the most comfortable. The knee pillows and tummy pillows don't work anymore. I also found sleeping propped upright by a mountain of pillows pretty good for the nights when nothing else worked.



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