Sleeping Problem

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New Mom To Be - November 9

I know I need to sleep on my side, and that's how I start off at night. I keep waking up on my back (my pre-pregnancy position), and I am worried. I am 23 weeks along. Have I hurt the baby?


Tina - November 9

Hiya "New Mom To Be", I'm new to this also nd I'm 28 weeks. I also fall asleep on my side and wake up with my legs wide apart and on my back. My boyfriend laughs his head off at me but I don't believe it hurts the baby, I think if anything in a short while it will start hurting you and crushing your lungs so you won't be able to go into this position. Try not to worry too much, I know its hard I'm exactly the same. Good Luck ;-)


kris A. - November 9

No, you aren't hurting the baby. The danger comes when baby is big enough to start compressing veins, restricting blood flow to baby and lower body... As you get bigger you will automatically flip when you go to your back while sleeping, since it will be very uncomfortable. I am 38.5 weeks, and I sleep sitting up in a recliner now, it's the only position I can get relief from heartburn and baby... best of luck to you!


pbj - November 9

You are fine. Just as kris said you will flip automatically when you become uncomfortable...believe me you won't be able to breathe. But you do have better blood flow on your left side. By the way kris A when are you due? I'm due on the 21st. Recliner is all I can sleep in now too.


t - November 9

i am 35 weeks and i still find my self waking up on my stomach. i hope i do not hurt my my baby


Lisa D - November 9

I would highly recommend getting a body pillow (not the silly long ones at dept stores, but a C or U shaped one from a pregnany store). I read a lot of reviews and they are great. Mine came today and I am counting on the best night sleep yet. I got the U shape so I CAN'T roll on my back. It goes all the way around me so I can put my head on the top, it between my knees and my back is supported as well as my belly. When I turn to the other side, same support. I'll let you know if I am wrong, but all the reviews were from mothers who wished they hadn't waited so long to get it. Good luck.



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