Sleepless Natural Medicine Advice

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Mary - August 29

I am 31 weeks preggers and cannot stay alseep. What do you take (natural stuff) to be able to sleep at night? Thanks.


Jen - August 29

Wish I could help you with that one...I toss and turn all night at 30 weeks. Then during the day I am a zombie. My doctor said to use xtra pillows at night. Well already tried that one! I don't know what to do either.


to Jen from Mary - August 29

I have a pregnancy pillow and many extras as well. My problem is not comfort, is my mind that does not let me sleep, I think it is insomnia. Is it like that with you, too? I even take benadryl, and I fall asleep with it but wake up shortly after and then I am drowzy and awake during most of the night. I am also a zombie, and crancky!


kris A. - August 29

If someone knows an answer for this I'd love to hear it... I too am constantly awake, mostly to pee at almost clockwork one hour and 45 minute intervals to pee, regardless if there is anything in my bladder or not. If it isn't the need to pee it's the restless leg syndrome or the hubby snoring. I try to nap on my lunch break but rarely successful. Only 11 more weeks to go!


Jen - August 29

My nights.... I try try try to get tired but sometimes can't fall asleep till 1am I get up to pee 2am 3:30am. My husbands alarm goes off at 4:30am. I try to stay in bed but can't, so I eat breakfast with him. Then he leaves at 5:30 and I know I am tired but I just lie there in bed. It drives me nuts. I have been taking benedryl also which helps me to fall asleep, But once i'm up at 4:30 I have such a hard time falling back asleep.


mary to Jen and kris - August 29

you girls are making me sad . :) Please, please, please someone out there must have a solution ... a hammer to the head perhaps? HELP!


Bump - August 29

I usually do not bump. but I need help!


Jen - August 29

Have you tried chamomile tea? Sometimes makes me sleepy.


Jessica - August 30

I have had insomnia from the moment I found out I was pregnant. My doc told me that an occasional tylenol PM or Benadryl is ok



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