Sleepless Nights

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jen - May 2

am in the uk and it is 4.35 am if i sleep my husband cannot sleep cos of all the wriggling around i do. feel really guilty and its causing me to not fall asleep through trying to lie still. am only 27 weeks so we have a little while to go yet but we are both in desperate need of a good nights sleep, any ideas? would really like to avoid seperate beds!!


almost there... - May 2

i don't have any suggestions, but can sympathise. i have restless legs, and have to get up every three hours or so to wee. my man just sleeps though it now (must've got used to it). good luck though :o)


Lissi - May 3

I have the same problem. I find I have to change position every 5 minutes, and every time I do my husband wakes. I've tried pillows under my belly and inbetween my legs but it doesn't really help because when I need to turn over I have to rearrange those as well, causing more disturbance. I do feel guilty and I even suggested seperate beds, but my husband won't hear of it. So, I figure if he's willing to put up with it, it's up to him. Sorry for not being much help.


prego nc - May 3

I am having the same problems. Except I find it hard to breath through my nose at night. So I not only toss and turn ALL NIGHT LONG, I have this strange sound coming from my nose because I can't breathe. My bf huffs and puffs when I move around so much and like you all, we don't want to sleep in seperate beds. I went out and purchased a box fan. I sit it on the floor up against a wall in the far corner of the bed room and I have slept like a baby since! I love it. I turn it on 3 out of 5 settings. 5 being the highest. I also like to put a pillow between my legs.


JLorenzo - May 3

Jen, I have written posts about my wife and her incredibly loud snoring! Trust me, separate beds are not a bad thing! If not for my futon I would be in jail for murder or dead from suicide. You do whatever you can to get sleep okay? We are being induced tomorrow and I am hoping her snoring and constant trips to the potty are done with! Good luck...


billie - May 3

I know that you don't want to have separate beds but that's what worked for my husband and I. He used to sleep in the living room but now we put a couch in the bedroom. So, even though we no longer sleep in the same bed, we are still in the same room.



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