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Mrs Small - April 8

when i found out i was pregnant, i couldn't wait to have a huge bump on the front, now i'm 36 weeks and my belly is still small. a lot smaller than women i've met who are 4 or 5 months. is "bump envy" normal??


rose - April 8

i always got the huge bump....a friend of mine got the small bump and i envy her!


monica - April 8

everyone is different. Some woman have big bumps and some have small ones. I had a big one with my first child and my best friend had a very small one. She delivered a very healthy girl and is one year younger than my son and her daughter is bigger.


KellyB - April 8

Good to hear someone else has a small belly! Me too! I am 23 weeks and keep wondering if I am going to "pop" as people say. People can't believe i am almost 6 months pregnant.I had another women at this preg. seminar say "WOW! your carrying compact!" Sometimes I feel out of place in stores like Babies R Us and Motherhood because if you don't know me, you can't even tell I am pregnant! Doctor said (last night) not to worry! I am measuring correctly, u/s was good, and for my body type it's fine and not to compare myself. That's is tough, I know. I look like I am bloated or have a beer belly.


leslie - April 8

are you a small person? maybe it has something to do with size?


Karen - April 8

All that matters is the baby is growing the way he/she sopsose to. I am right with you although I am just entering my second trimester I only have a little buldge(Like I eat too much) until night when the belly bugles like i eat a whole water melon. LOL. Although I am in maternity clothes now. tighs and hips and b___st dont seem to be waiting in belly LOL. I think your ok. take care


Mrs Small - April 8

thanks for your feedback. i went to see my obstetrician yesterday and he says i'm still measuring up ok, and that my little one is on the small side of normal. i'm guessing when i'm pushing, i won't be worried about having a small bump anymore? lol


emily - April 11

go to


Kylie - June 15

iam 27 weeks pregnant and only about 3 strangers have commented on my belly you can only just tell i have a little bump. None on my pants fit any more but they did only about 3 weeks ago i still dont need to wear maternity tops. All i wanted was a big belly too. i am quite small but tall and have gained about 4 kilos so far


Leahp - June 15

Hey ladies, Ihave the same problem people ask if I'm about 3-4 months along and I'm six!!! My doc said not to listen to others, but that I'm measuring right on and the baby is perfect, he also said that taller women carry better, but I'm only 5' 7" I didn't think that was very tall, but she's in there and kicking with a lot of force!


shalyn - July 16



ca__sie - July 16



Kathy - July 16

Hmmm are those of you that are carrying smaller.......either taller or longer torsoed? I know for one that I get my height from my is longer than the area from my hips to feet..if that makes sense. Longer torso people have an easier time achieving and keeping a flatter belly when not pregnant...and hold more of their weight in their b___t, hips and legs. Where shorter torso people (less inches between ribs and hip) usually hold weight more in their bellies even when not pregnant.......and usually have nice toned shapely legs....and most or their height comes from their longer legs. I have known shorter torso people that only have a an inch or 2 between their ribs and when they get pregnant,,,there is no room for the baby and all their organs to fit in the belly has to protrude outwards.


Mrs Small - July 17

let me just update, although i had a tiny belly bump, my baby was a nice healthy 7lbs 13oz :o)


Sera - July 18

Don't you worry I had 'bump envy' majorly. I am 22 weeks pregnant and I'm not teeny tiny but I guess I am average. It's just I see these women around my stage and I so wish I could be their size. I personally think it is just me being a worried mother. I am always concerned for my little ones health and the fact that I am smaller than some women worries me. Also, my doctor and other women have told me that, if this is your first pregnancy, you might stay smaller because your muscles in your stomache are not stetched out like women who have had other children. Good Luck with your baby I am sure we will both have healthy bouncing babies.


Kim - July 18

I have 2 weeks until my due date and my stomach is small. It is alot smaller than most women I see with huge stomachs and also I seem to carry him low maybe thats why I look small. My doctor says the baby is healthy and measuring and weighing right. I was worried before but my doctor told me I should have about a 7 or 7.5 pound baby boy! - July 19

Had the same problem. I just FINALLY look pregnant!!!! I'm at 34 weeks. I definitely had bump envy. Not only that, but for the past 5 months my dad has been on my b___t cuz I didnt look pregnant so i must not be eating right and on and on he went -- until he ordered 2 large pizzas and i ate half of one on my own -- then he left me alone LOL



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