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melpalmer7 - July 2

Hello- has anyone tried smart stork or any other "tricks" to conceive a girl? I have three WONDERFUL little boys and would love to throw a girl into the mix. Any suggestions??? Thanks


Erynn21 - July 2

I have heard having s_x earlier before you ovulate, we had s_x about 2 times 3 days before I ovulated and I am pg. w/ a girl, but this is my first pregnancy. My hubby and are going against the rest of his brothers who both had boys first. I just know that the earlier the more time you have for the "boy" sperm to die because they are really fast and the girls are slower, but have a longer life span. Your hubby may just also haved a lot more boy sperm then I don't have any advice.


kebs - July 2

well i'm having a girl and i didn't try anything but i have talked to some friends who all have girl's and we all some one thing in comman it my just be superstions or it could help but it would hurt to try.


venus_in_scorpio - July 2

good luck with that im not sure there's any trick to it though unfortunately... all of your eggs carry the X chromosome because women's chomosomes are "XX" and it just depends on whether your baby is concieved with a sperm with another "x" or a "y" since men's DNA are "XY". hopefully that makes sense im no biologist!! there are expensive methods where a special doctor can use your eggs and his sperm to make a boy or a girl, but im pretty sure they only do that when it avoids a genetic abnormality that is carried on the "X" or "y" chromosome. But best of luck conceiving a girl... maybe 4th time's a charm!! :o)


kebs - July 2

Disregard that last post I accidentally pressed enter before I was finished or able to reread what I wrote SORRY. well I’m having a girl and I didn't try anything but I have talked to some friends who all have girl's and we all seem to have one thing in common. it my just be superst_tions or it could help but it wouldn't hurt to try. We were all on top when our daughters were conceived. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Funny but true. Good luck


Laurabb4 - July 2

Hello, After three boys we were going to have one last one and a girl was our dream. We used and according to ultrasound I am having a baby girl this coming Saturday if she does not come on her own this week.


mcatherine - July 2

The Shettles Method seems to have worked for several people I know. Three friedns are all having the little girls they dreamed of. There are also two women on here - one has 5 boys, tired Shettles and is pregnant with her first girl and another has 4 boys, tried Shettles and is pregnant with a girl. I left it to chance and am having another boy! Go figure.....


melpalmer7 - July 8



Betul - July 8

Yep, the Shettles method worked for me. I have five wonderful, beautiful sons (19-4 yrs) and was determined to have a girl this time. I researched as much as I could and we used the Shettles method. I am currently pregnant 27 weeks with a little girl!! You have to keep accurate records and be familiar with your cycles every month and look for all the signs but after 5 boys I was ready to do anything! If you google "Shettles Method" it will give you sites that will give you the basic outline of the method and info where you can get more detailed info....good luck!!



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