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dani - September 21

how will smoking marijauna while you are pregnant affect the baby? I only smoke once or twice a day.


amanda - September 21

It can do alot of harm. Do a search for (smoking marijauna while pregnant.)


kellie - September 22

your baby can be born addicted and if that happens they know the sings and symptoms at the hospital when they are born they can go threw withdrawls because they are not getting the drug that they have had everyday while inside you and with showing sings and symptoms like that your baby will be taken away from you by department of children and family services...also it can cause low birth weight and birth defects...stop while you can it is not a good idea expecially if you dont want to leave the hospital empty handed


dani - September 22

will cutting back help?


kellie - September 22

cutting back is not going to help anything at this point i agree with amanda read some things on line about marijuana and pregnancy Good luck to you


dani - September 23

anyone else have experience or advice?


!!!!! - September 23

KELLIE - AND HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT FOR SURE????????? ITS NOT CRAC, OR METH ITS WEED! WEED IS NOT THAT HARMFULL PERIOD. I have been smoking for a very very long time. So befor giving out advice about that know the facts!


dani - September 23

i'm under a lot of strees right now and this relaxes me, i will try cutting back. thanks !!!!


Keisha - September 24

If smoking cigarette can harm your baby, causing pre-mature birth and miscarriages etc.. do you need to even ask what smoking weed would do to an unborn child. You don't need to cut down, you need to bloody give up. Take some responsibilities, stop thinking of yourself... your baby's on the way love.....


kellie - September 24

not even brave enough to give me a name before your critize me i have many stupid friends that is how i know things....maybe before you post and critize you need come come out from behind all the !!!!!!!


natalieb - September 25

the post was't critical of you, s/he asked a question, gave her/his views. why is everyone so defensive here? just because someone posts something that either you don't agree with or contracdicts you doesn't mean you have to take it personal. what happened to open dialog? freedom of expression? Lighten up everyone.


kellie - September 27

your right nat and that is fine but most people who post on here i have found they dont even know what they are talking about or they have not even had to deal with any of just upsets me that so many people on this site think that they know everything and the end up missleading people all the time because they gave false information...i just give facts to what i have seen happen and research before i speak...take care everyone i should not be on here much longer due to baby being born soon went threw hurricane yesterday and still having alot of contractions and pressure going to doc today to see what he says Providing he does not cancel apt..


Erin - September 27

hi, just wanna say i agree completely with Kellie, with everything she has said. Im not here to criticise anyone by no means, but i too know of a friend-of-a-friend who has had THREE babies taken from her in the past 5 years. Its ok to say weed is only weed, and the smoker might see no harm in it, but how many babies have all the smokers out there carried Before?? How in gods name would any1 know the possible effects without researching? Might hav an effect on you, but it sure did on this girls 3 babies. Stupid and all as she was to keep gettin pregnant, and keep smoking it too. Some people have a serious problem respecting the life of an unborn baby. If we are good enough to bring one to life, we should be good enough to do everything in our power to protect them.


brucen - September 27

A couple points from people who have done research: The amount of THC found in b___st milk of cannabis users is low despite acc_multion with regular use. Only heavy cannabis use will result in amounts that possibly are relevant for the baby. Occasional or low regular use will probably not be of relevance. Franjo Grotenhermen Marijuana has no reliable impact on birth size, length of gestation, neurological development, or the occurance of physical abnormalities. The administration of hundreds of tests to older children has revealed only minor differences between the offspring of marijuana users and nonusers, and some are positive rather than negative. (...) While it is sensible to advise women to abstain from all drugs during pregnancy, the weight of evidence suggests that marijuana does not directly harm the human fetus. Zimmer L, Morgan JP. Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts. A review of the scientific evidence. New York/San Francisco: The Lindesmith Center, 1997. Should be pointed out that smoking marijuana has the some of the same effects as smoking tobacco in that it’s actually the smoking that causes the adverse effects e.g. lower birth weight, increased chance of SIDS. Ingestion maybe an option, but I found no supporting doc_mentation on that. Some studies also suggest that smoking during the first month of b___stfeeding is harmful but thereafter ok. Here are some sites that give a less biased opinion than and In my opinion those sites promote propaganda.


youbeme - November 29

Personally, I didn't smoke when I was pregnant, except when I had violent diarhea (sp?) and vomiting, I could not eat drink and was severely dizzy because all of my energy stores were going to my now beautiful daughter. The research I've done is controversal, but remember when you're researching we are in marijauna prohibition so a lot of sites are biased. After the one time I smoked (when i was violently ill) I could keep food and drink down and began to recover as well as my fever was relieved (since I was unable to keep tylenol down) Please remember when you are pregnant your body is now your babies and you have to think from their uneducated point of view. Anything you choose to do I believe should be in moderation. Good luck with your pregnancy, health and love to the two of you.



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