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Regi - February 17

Just now i found out that i am pregnant 5 weeks.I was smoking up till now and i stoped.Can it effect my baby this first 5 weeks?And how it can effect?


Holly - February 17

After 12 years of smoking...I quit the minute that I found out I was expecting. I had a beautiful, healthy daughter. Just make sure you don't smoke anymore. Everything will be fine. I am 5 weeks along too. This will be my second.


cleo - February 18

any tips to stop. I found out 5 days ago and am finding it very hard to stop. Have changed strenghth and have cut down but cant seem to quit. On my first it took me 16 weeks but dont want to go that long. Please help if you can.


tiffani - February 18

I was a smoker for 10 years. When I decided to quit (almost 4 years ago) it was hard as hell. Here's how I managed... I smoked only menthol cigarettes, so any cigarette that wasn't menthol made me want to gag, I would rather just not smoke. So what I did was buy a pack of non menthol cigarettes. This gave me the opportunity to get that rush of nicotine, but not a pleasurable experience. Eventually, I found that I would just rather not smoke, if non menthol cigarettes were my only option. Keep in mind that this was working because I WAS still getting nicotine, and over time I would just smoke less and less, and eventually none. Of course, willpower plays a huge part too. Another thing that helped was brushing my teeth everytime I wanted to smoke. I would sit at the computer or in front of the tv with a toothbrush to chew on, just to give me some oral fixation. Gum helps too. So does water. I think you have a huge motivating factor, that innocent little baby inside you. Guilt may work. Think about the precious pure oxygen you're depriving your unborn child of everytime you light up. Also think of how sad it is to have a baby who is 3lbs. and all the difficulties that come with it. Imagine dying from lung cancer before your little one graduates high school, or gets married. Does your husband/boyfriend smoke? Can you quit together?


Cleo - February 18

Thanks Tiffani, will give the toothbrush and water a go. Your guilt trip was great. Will let u know how I am getting on. Thanks once again


Amy - February 19

This is a difficult situation for me! i've just found out that i'm pregnant. It was unplanned so i had to make the difficult decision wether to keep it or not. I decided against abotion, giving up alcohol and caffein was easy but cigarettes i'm findin so difficult! and I've managed to cut down to takin a few drags of peoples cigarettes a day, but as i made the hard decision of keepin the baby the last thing i want is complications. I feel so guilty when i smoke but i've tried everythin to stop. I'm hopin that when i actually start to feel pregnant i'll stop strait away.


Lindsey To Amy - February 19

Amy, I do know what you're going through. But you should try to quit as Tiffani said. Waiting until you "feel" pregnant is just an excuse! I smoked until the day I found out I was pregnant and quit that instant. I know for some, it's difficult to do, but you CAN do it. Try to get something to keep your mind off of it, whether it be hard candy or something to chew on..believe me, you'll be glad you did in the long run. My best wishes to you and your baby. The longer you smoke while preg, the harder it is to quit. Good luck sweetie!


People like you amaze me - February 19

I am one of many who has been trying to conceive for close to a year now with no luck. I had given up anything that could be back for me a long time ago. Yet I come on here and find people who are still smoking when they are pregnant! The only thing that I can see is that I feel sorry for both you and your baby. You should not have to worry about the effects on your baby because you should have quit while you were trying. I hate to be so harsh but it's hard to see people abusing the chance they have been given to have a healthy baby.


Amy - February 19

I know, i will quit am just finding it difficult, my pregnancy wasn't planned i'm only 18. Thats probably even more reason to give up n belive me i feel guilty. I remembered in school (the last yr of it) i couldn't smoke so used to just eat loads of lollies n chew chewing gum al the time, i mite try that again. It's just really annoyin that i can't use a patch or use nicotine gum. It's literally going to be cold turkey.



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