Smoking 2 3 Cigarettes A Day In 5th Week

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Nikki - October 1

I went from smoking a pack to a couple of puffs here and there when i found out I was pregnant last week. Can I continue to cut down slowly from here!!! Help


Samantha - October 3

No, you need to stop period. You need to talk to you doctor to get help with this. I went from smoking six packs a week to cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant. I was 34 & had been smoking since I was 15. My view was that my baby was more important than any cigarette. You don't want to have a low birth weight baby, a baby with under developed lungs or a baby w/any health problems. Plus once the baby is born second hand smoke is no good. Not only does it affect their lungs but it can cause inner ear problems. Good luck!


Shar - October 3

I have never smoked but I do believe that it is probably difficult to stop. After all, it is an addiction. However, if at all possible for the sake of your baby you should not be smoking at all. You are taking risks with the life of your child. If you cannot stop on your own, as your doctor for a__sistance. Congrats on your pregnancy.


E - October 4

Cold turkey is not always healthier than a gradual decrease. The effects of sudden nicotine withdrawal can harm the baby and actually cause miscarriage. Start the decrease TODAY and also contact your doctor to see if there is a medication that is safe to take which can help you beat the addiction.


loren - October 5

Do it gradually but quickly. Sudden withdrawl is not good. I have heard this many times from many different sources. At 5 months pregnant though, you really should hurry up and stop! It would be better for you and the baby. Try going from 2-3 down to just 2, then 1 then 0!


kellie - October 5

talk to your doc and see what he says....i dont think that what you are doing right now is wrong i would contiune with what you are doing a friend of mine just had her baby and she smoked almost two packs a day and he is doing wonderful..i have heard many different things about this issue. some docs say not to quit cause it could be a shock to the baby and others say that to quit it all depends on what the doc says i would talk to your doc about it and see what they say you might be suprized


Paula - October 6

I think you need to stop smoking now & you should ask your doctor how to do so. They can a__sist you w/nicotine replacement. Smoking is not good for the fetus period.


RE: Kellie's Answer - October 6

I would like to say that just b/c a baby appears to be doing "fine" does not mean the drug use or cig smoke will not have an effect later in life. Many of the problems a__sociated with cig smoke happen to be problems that manifest themselves in school-aged children (hyperactivity, attentional problems, slow in school...). It is hard for me to believe you could give the advice that you did.


m - October 6

Nikki, please do not listen to answers like the one Kellie gave. If you care about your baby, you will quit NOW. See your doctor immediately. He can help you on what to do to avoid severe withdrawal. I don't see how going cold turkey could be a bad thing. After all, smoking during pregnancy is one of the worst things you can do!


Tory - October 6

If you are seriously only have a couple of puffs here & there it would definitely not be quiting cold turkey at this point. You should just stop right now. Every time you want that puff here & there remind yourself that it is no longer your life----It is your child's.


cool - October 7

if you just quite cold turkey it can harm your baby, you should cut back then quite, it can make your baby stressed out if you just quite....i talked to my doctor about it


well done - October 31

I think she is doing a fantastic job only having 2 per day, its not easy and kellie's response was honest, you reformed smokers are living in make believe and worse than non smokers, remember she has cut down from a pack and needs to be commended and no doubt only having 2 she will stop soon enuff, Well done i say and i am proud that u can cut down so much, To the reformed smokers remember her positive behaviour and dont focus on the 2 ciggies as it is hard to quit you pack of idiots..


k - October 31

What some of these girls are saying is true. some doctors will actually tell you to cut down as much as you can but keep smoking because sometimes the stresses of withdrawl can have worse affects than actually smoking. Do not however, try to quit with meds of nicotine supplements such as the pack. talk to your doctor she/he can help you.


kellie re kellies answer - November 1

i cant believe you go as far as school aged children I have two of them currently and i smoked with one of them when i was preg just about as much as megan is right now but he is not having any problems Either Newborn To school age it all depends on the person and their parents way of life..blaming behavior problems on nicotine in school aged children is stupid I have a friend who has a add child so she is told yet he is not on medication she did not smoke with him I have another one who did smoke and her child is add to but does that mean that she caused it while what happened to the one whose mother did not smoke did she cause his add too...THink about it COld turkey for some of you turkeys is the only way you think...My mom thinks that way because she did it so if you do it then you think that way i guess but for those of them that cut back severley i commend you at least you are thinking about the long term side effects on the baby and what could happen...but i would not go as far as these scientest have gone today they blame add adhd on everything just as long as the tag is not put on the way that the parent raised the child or the way the child and parent interact OH Heaven Forbid that....just goes to prove that some parents cant take the blame for what they have done...while i do admit that some children with add and adhd actually have it because of chemical inbalances (caused by smoking while in the womb? Things that make you GO HUMMMM)


To the previous poster - November 1

Nobody is blaming EVERYTHING on smoking...It was just a suggestion based on current research of women who smoked while pregnant and have children with behavioral problems. I never stated ALL children will have problems if the mother smokes while pregnant. Personally, I would put faith in science before I would ever listen to your personal opinion or experiences. They mean nothing in the grand scheme of problems a__sociated with smoking. Something you should know - You have no way of knowing whether your fetus is genetically susceptible to a disease or problem and a trigger (cig smoke, maternal stress, alcohol, drugs, viruses) can be all it takes to set that pathway if you have the susceptibility. Now, I do not believe in quitting cold turkey as that can also be harmful to the fetus. I stated what I did b/c I am sick to death of people putting forth their personal stories of drug, alcohol, cig use as if that can be transfered from one pregnancy to another. Look at some data and listening to your doctor b4 asking on a message board. The responsible thing for a mother to do is to always ASSUME cig smoke is harmful to her fetus so she has reason to avoid it! --- E


wend - November 3

Hi Nikki I was doing what you were doing in my 5th week and know how hard it is to give up those last few puffs. Are you gettin those couple of puffs from your partners cigarrete?? I know I was and after struggling through to week 8 I talked to my partner about how hard it was for me to do this alone. In the end we tried hypnosis - I nkow this is expensive, but it does work out cheaper than months of cigarrette purchases. I'm now at week 22 and have been smoke free for over 10 weeks. I would recommend looking at hypnosis - and finding someone else to give up with (ideally your partner - but a friend would also help)


Olga Jennings - November 9

you idiot, obviously you need to stop RIGHT NOW, stop thinking about yourself and how you need to cut down slowly, like HELLO! your baby is going to be an idiot too if you keep that up.



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