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ChaycesMom - February 1

Ok, ladies. I need your help. I am looking for a way to cut down on my smoking and to eventually quit. I would like to hear how some of you did it. And sorry. I tried cold turkey, and I just couldnt put myself thru the stress nor the stress that the baby would go thru. And am sorry to say, that I dont want to hear from anyone who has never smoked on how bad this is for the baby, I know all that. I also dont need to hear that I obviously dont love my baby cause I still smoke, cause thats not true. I only want to hear from people who have slowed down and eventually quit. Thank you for all the help.


thailiya - February 1

I quit after smoking since I was 14. I didn't quit for 3 weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I did it cold turkey though. I quit on christmas day & cheated new years eve but thats it. It wasn't hard for me either. I didn't have craving or mood swings, and believe me, I was a chain smoking, beer drinking, kinda gal !! I had alot of friends look at me funny when i'd light up and I asked those who already had children if they quit while they were pregnant and almost all of them did. Then I went to the library and read up on the effects of smoking on your unborn baby and I started to freak out. I couldn't light up thinking...what if my kid had a mental disability cuz of me? So that was enough will power for me. PLus quitting drinking made a difference in my smoking habit. Oh yeah..I did cut down before the initial quit. I went from a pack a day down to about 3 a day, then quit. That whole process only took about 3 weeks. I know you can quit if you realize that for 9 measly months you can set aside your habits for the baby's sake. Then if you wish...smoke after it's born. But 9 months isn't that big of a scarifice. ( thats what I told myself ). Good luck to you !!! You can do... be strong !! may even enjoy not smoking, I do !! I can vacuum without getting out of breath now !! lol


ChaycesMom - February 1

Thank you for your insight. I have thought about the fact that it is only for 9 months too.


Jenn - February 1

When I found out that I was pregnant with my first, I cut back to like 3 or 4 lights a day-and after about 2 days-I figured that if I was going to smoke while pregnant I might as well just smoke or just quit-cause smoking a pack a day to "cutting back" was just teasing myself-I just had to stop. And I will tell you that it is the hardest d__n thing I have ever ever done in my life. I twitched in my sleep real bad for about three days, not to mention that I was the biggest b___h-I worked with a bunch of people who smoked and it sucked not to take smoke breaks-although I did inhale some second hand-which made me feel better-sad huh?? In the car was the worst cause I drove half an hour to work and always smoked-I actually felt better pretending that I had one in my hand-I know crazy but it is soo mentally addicting!! I quit cause eventually that is the goal right-one day you have to say-enough?? Even if it is after "cutting down"-there will come a day that you have to say-enough or this isn't working and many people don't see that part to cutting back-for how long are you cutting back?? Fact is, the nicotin will never leave your system and it is torture whether you do it slowly or all at once. After a week I started to feel normal again-and I didn't start back like I thought I would after my son was born-2004-its weird to think that I used to smoke. Its hard, good luck to you!!


LL - February 1

I finally quite but it was hard. At first I still smoked pretty regularly but then after getting lectures from my doctor and friends I gradually cut down to a couple a day and now I've quite, although I did have one in January. I think the hardest part has been being around other people that smoke because you smell it and get the craving. I'm glad I quite but I can definitely tell my appet_te has increased since quitting and I feel like I eat in place of smoking which I know is bad. I feel like a fat cow and I'm just starting my second trimester. Good luck, it's not easy but you can do it!


Tye - February 1

I smoke and I quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant- but if you want to do it slowly- try cutting it in half what you smoke now until you get down to about 2 0r three a day and each week just cut back more until you are done- and in the mean time educate,yourself on what you are doing to your child- someone just posted lately that smoking has just been recently linked to deformed hands and feet.! Read up on it and see if it isn't worth the little nicotene withdrawl your baby will have to go through instead. Don't get me wrong- I'm already looking forward to when I can smoke again- I even have nightmares that I am doing during pregnancy!- but everyday I have the piece of mind knowing I am NOT doing it to my baby!! It such a short period of time in the grand scheme of things and you are not going to get a second chance to do it right!


ChaycesMom - February 1

Thank you all. Just so you all know, this is my 2nd child. My first son, I smoked thru the entire pregnancy, not proud of it but, he was perfectly fine. Tye - I already know all the risks a__sociated with smoking while pregnantm thats why I am trying cut down and hopefully quit. I have talked to my Dr about it and he said even the withdrawl from my system would be bad for the baby. To much stress to put something that little thru. He advised me that if I cant quit cut down as much as possible. Thanx to all for the advise.


krc - February 1

oh thats such bologne when Doctors say if you quit now it will do more harm than good. That makes me sick to hear that. and im a smoker!!!! ( not smoking now though ) . Anytime you quit putting something harmful into your system it is a benefit. Not a danger. Some doctors just make me wanna ring there neck !!


Jenn - February 1

It is hard, and it is such a touchy subject-especially from those of us that have quit due to pregnancies and I hope you don't take anything personally here, but that whole thing that your doc told you is really a load of c___p. He must have thought that you weren't even considering quitting to give that speech, its hard to quit smoking but you have to want to do it, and I have to agree that anytime you stop putting toxins into your body it is a good thing-not a shock to the baby-it is a shock to your body-usually that baby hasn't been there long enough to have any knid of addiction-if that is what your doc is impling. Sorry, but ya got to want it bad enough-my thought is this-you wouldn't want someone b__wing smoke in its face, right?? So why smoke when it is in your body? Good luck to you!!


Jbear - February 1

How about switching to something nasty, like doral ultralights or'll smoke a lot less because it's like smoking nasty air. And so you know, I never managed to quit entirely during my second pregnancy (no problem stopping during my first). My baby has no problems, but I still agonize about having increased her risk of SIDS...I guess I will worry until she's 1. Good luck to you.


Drew - February 1

I totally agree with krc and Tye....that's total bull, and really I've never actually heard a doctor say it!! I think it's something pregnant woman made up to justify the whole thing!! Anyway, both dh and I quit when we found out I was pg cold turkey after 14 years of smoking. I'm not gonna pretty it up and say it was was one of the hardest thing's I've ever done in my life. But like one of the previous posters said, I just thought of all the harm I could do to my baby, and how tacky a pregnant smoking woman looks! (SIL was one of those) I personally don't think just slowing down would have worked for us, we'd just keep making excuses. Do you have a friend or family member who would be willing to quit with you? Sometimes that makes it a bit easier. I wish you all the luck with this, it's hard but totally worth it!!


Steph - February 1

My doctor said it was bull as well, and he only said that because I told him what I had heard through the vine. I quit by 9 weeks and I basically tapered off. I would only have a couple at night. Then I just gave it up. I have not smoked since November 19 and am really happy about it. I do occasionally have dreams of smoking but then only to (in my dream) get mad at myself for messing up the non-smoking streak. Anyways, my dh smokes but not nearly as much now that he doesn't have a partner to go outside with, plus I made him switch to roll your own because it's a pain in the a__s for him to do it. Good luck on quitting, and my best advice is to busy yourself when you are having a craving and make sure that you don't subst_tute eating when you are having a craving. That'll do nothing but bite you in the a__s!! Also, you may want to drink (gulp down) a big gla__s of water during the cravings to curb them...keeps your mouth and your hands sorta busy.



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