Smoking And Pregnancy

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Safia - June 16

I smoked for several years and recently quit. Should I wait a while before trying to conceive? Anyone else have a similar experience? I don't want to get pregnant if i should wait a while. And how long should I wait?


Steph - June 16

Congrats to you for quitting smoking. I believe that you should be fine ttc right now. Make sure and talk to your doctor and make sure that you start taking prenatals right now. Good Luck!


Audrea - June 16

It is great that you quit. What a huge accomplishment. I have never heard that you have to wait ttc just because you just quit smoking. Talk to your OBGYN. Only they can give you the best advice on this topic.


lynnstress - June 20

I smoked until I found out I was pregnant (5 weeks in)! I don't think you should wait. Congrats on quitting smoking. I know how hard it is! Good luck and baby dust to you!


Lynn - June 20

You don't need to wait any specific amount of time. My doctor put me on a super big dose of folic acid because neural tube defects seem to be more prevalent in smokers & ex-smokers. I think it was about 2.5 times the recommended daily dose. So you might want to talk to your doc about it. You should go for a pre-pregnancy check up and exam anyway, just to be sure, if you have something that needs to be addressed now they can take care of it and not worry about hurting a developing fetus. ( I had quit 2 years before ttc and doctor put me on the folic acid about 9 months before we were planning on ttc)


KrisD - June 20

I quit the day we decided to ttc. Congrats! I know it isn't easy; I had more intense mood swings with that than I did this whole pregnancy so far! Like all the other posts, just take vitamins. I bought over-the-counter prenatals until I got pregnant (now they are prescription). Good luck!


Goodluck! - June 20

I unexpectedly became pregnant and had to quit right away. Its good that youre quitting ahead of time. It was very hard to quit, but once I saw the baby's sonogram, there's no way I could smoke. Im 23 weeks right now and I'll still get a craving here and there. It sucks cus of the mood swings, but its worth not harming your lil baby in there!;) Thats what makes it worth it:)Kelsey



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