Smoking During Pregnancy

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Kelly - May 16

Since I became pregnant, I have reduced my smoking from 1 pack a day to 3 cigarettes a day. I am in my 7th month. How badly are the risks at this point? I have been really trying hard to quit fully!


KM - April 24

If you really love your baby and care for your babies health then quiting smoking should not be a problem. I had a friend who smoked a lot then found out she was pregnant and quit as soon as she knew, it is all about if you truly care for your baby. Obviously you don't care enough.


Dionne - April 30

Since you're a heavy smoker, for the first month or two its a good idea to reduce the intake of cigarettes, but after your first trimester you should have completely quit, that's if you love your baby. Think about the complications that could arise with your baby during birth; stillborn, huge medical bills and even hospital bills too. Its a lot cheaper to just quit!


Meg - May 16

I'm 6 months pregnant myself and I was smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day before I found out I was pregnant. I felt so guilty about all those times when I had been smoking. So I quit, cold turkey. I ended up with horribel head aches...I was sick, not to mention emotionally a reck. My doctor, (and a few others I spoke to) told me that it wasn't wise to quit like that, that it was more stressfull on the baby. Because the mother is under stess and the baby then is also. It has NOTHING to do if you love your baby or not! And how dare those people out there say if you can't stop an ADDICTION then you don't care for your baby. I also cut down to 3 cigarettes a day for a couple months. After that I was strong enough from not relying on them all the time that I was able to quit, I felt strong enogh. And that was advice from doctors. Perfectly healthy babies are born to mothers who smoked ALL the way through their pregnancy....3 a day is nothing, you're at the point right now where you could stop. and just think now if you can put your mind to it you can quit just like that...good luck!



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