So Embarassed

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Lee - October 12

Okay, I hate saying this, but at least you can't see my face! Lately, I have been so gassy, and I can't help it! It surprises, embarasses me, and I am powerless to stop it. My husband makes fun of me, which doesn't make it any better. We have never been the type to do that in front of one another, so now that I can't help it, I'm just dying. Three or so times a day, it's just like *woof* and *oopse*, a red faced pregnant woman and her laughing husband. Anyone else like this? How'd you cope?!


Rachel - October 12

Lol, I'm the same way, I'm embara__sed about it too, my doctor gave me a list of medicines that are perfectly safe, and there was stuff for gas, so that's what I'd do


Jbear - October 13

Maybe it would help to avoid foods that cause gas-beans, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. You're lucky that your husband doesn't fart in front of you...mine can clear the room with one. You and your husband will get more used to noises like that, because a baby's b___t is amazingly noisy, and always at the worst time (example, you're in the grocery store and the baby lets out a fart so loud that people turn to stare, not realizing that such a loud noise came from such a little person)


Beth S - October 13

i just tried to act like it wasnt such a big deal until one day i was sitting talking to hubby and he made me laugh and out one came so then we both started laughing and they just kept coming sorry if tmi. then i was definately embara__sed. not much you can do for it, baby is in there pushing them out. and let me just tell you that now my little boy is 3 months and ga__ses sooo loud everyone thinks its me wherever we go, so really you cant win even after baby is born lol


Lee - October 13

I hadn't even thought about babies being that ga__sy. So, once I finally get them out and relieve the pressure, I'm STILL going to run into a ga__sy situation! lol This...stinks!


Jamie - October 13

My 2 month old daughter can fart with the best of 'em - not only are they LOUD, but they STINK. LMAO


Rhonda - October 13

well first thing you are lucky that your hubby has not done that in front of for me I have 2 sons already and a hubby who does not care if I am there when the urge hits nor do my sons ha ha lol so if I do it oh well yes I am embarra__sed at work when it happens but at home I just laugh about it I am very out numbered I am having another boy ha ha lol so hon all you can do is learn to laugh about it and don't be so up tight it is after all a natual thing and what else can you do is too short so just laugh I am sure your hubby understands...good luck



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