So Embarassing Contraction Stress Test

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j - December 6

The last 3 times I've gone to the ob, I've had to have a contraction stress test (CST) where I am hooked up to the fetal monitoring device, and have to stimulate my nipples. 90 seconds on 30 seconds off for almost an hour! It is quite embarassing! Is this normal, did you have to do this?? I have to do it at the next appt too! I'm dreading it! But I was thinking of bringing my husband-but would that be weird!? ADVICE PLEASE!


H - December 6

I have never heard of that! I would be embara__sed too! As if we pregnant ladies don't have to do enough embara__sing things LOL! Does someone stand there with you when you do it? I don't know if I could!


j - December 6

no, the nurse practioner and another nurse comes in regularly. Sometimes the doctor will come in to. It is soo akward! what do you do for the stress test?


j - December 6

not to mention after an hours of stimulating my nipples, they really hurt! its just a weird feeling...makes me kind of emotional b/c its so akward!


Karen - December 6

Um, where do you live? I've had several CST's and I have never heard of this being done.


kris A. - December 6

There are two types of CST, one is done with manual nipple stimulation and the other is done with low level drug (dont know what it is - pitocin or oxytocin or something...) I know about it because they told me I would have to also have a CST and nipple stimulation wasn't an option to me - I have way too many b___st issues for that, and they said I could use the drug, they just dont like to because it's more invasive and they consider the nipple stimulation easier, if you can believe that. Personally you are heroic for being able to twice already. If you feel strongly, tell them how upset and embarrased or emotional it is for you, and see what they say. Good luck : )


YC - December 6

Oh no, I possibly have to have one of these next week. I have NST's twice a week but they want a CST now. The nurses said that it would be done by nipple stimulation and I was kinda freaked out. I am new to all of this so for some reason I was thinking they must have a machine that stimulates the nipples. I am such a dork. Stimulating yourself has to be embarrasing. Well j, I hope your tests go well and mine to.


Jbear - December 7

If they get sore, you could try putting some ointment on them. Lansinoh is made for b___st-feeding moms but I think it would work for that too. I had non-stress tests during my first pregnancy, but I never had the stress test. I think I would have brought my husband along and made him do the work!



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