So Many Strange Names

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Unique is GOOD - November 15

You guys like to tell people not to give their kids weird names, but I know alot of people who gave their kids odd names. They sound cool. I don't think we need anymore Allisons or Daniels running around. Why not bring some variety into the mix? I'm glad people are giving their kids unique names. Of the people I know, here are some of thier kids names: Jurzee, Montana, Nacoma, Pagean, Zaine, Landin, Tristin, Challenge, Mystique, and dauson. I'm sure their are more that I'm forgetting, but I happen to think all those names are cool.


karen - November 15

If everyone didn't have their own opinions, the world would be boring. While I personally think the name "Challenge" borders on child abuse and "Mystique" sounds like a stripper, there are lots of people who don't share my opinion. Nothing wrong with that!


Unique is not always good - November 15

Sorry but Pagean sux as a name, why not Sinner or Temptress. I did meet someone named Temptress, her mom may as well have named her Slut. It's the same difference. Karen I agree Mystique is a great stripper name and if those are the aspirations you have for your child then go for it.


Well - November 15

The one with Montana has 10 more kids, all with strange names. To go through the list: Kelsey, Dakota, Motana, Brea, Seirra, Jessi, Jade, Nacoma, Kaden, Shyanne, and Braden. I guess it's because I live in a little "hick" town. At least the teachers here will be able to say a name and not go by the first name/last intial. Like I said, too many "normal names" floating around. I know so many Jessica's it's not even funny. And I have a brother, a neighbor, and a nephew named Shaun.


me - November 15

When it comes down to it, it is your kid and you name it what you want to. Not everyone will agree with them, however, I think we are all in agreement with Mystique ;) Just poking fun. I think anything with the name Lynn as a middle name sounds like ap___n star :) Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, etc... Ok maybe I watch too much p___n :)


Well to you - November 15

LOL!! Over half of those names that you listed are quite popular and there's gonna be tons of Jades, Dakotas, Kelseys, Kaydens and Braydens. Those names have been popular for quite some time. I don't understand why you just got so defensive about any of the posts of peoples opinions. No one said that you are from some hick town, but if you say you are, then I suppose we'll have to believe you.


karen - November 15

I try to stay away from the top name lists too, because I don't want my child to have to share his/her name with half the cla__s. But there are plenty of names that can be unique and not ridiculous, too. Well, like we all agree, to each their own.


belle - November 15

My middle name is Lynn & I totally agree!!! LOL


not Destiny - November 15

Speaking of stripper names: Destiny. OMG I HATE it!!!!!


Steph - November 15

My middle name is Lynn too!! And I totally agree with the c___ppy Destiny stripper name!! Ahhhh!! LOL


lena - November 15

Temptress? Why would you give a s_xual name to a little child. How irresponsible.


No LOL - November 15

I actually AM from a little hick town. Seriously I can walk from the north end to the South end in a matter of like an hour in a half. That's probably why I get so defensive. Half the kids here have unique names and most are to teen parents. I like unique names. I just think they're really cool. :)


Steph - November 15

Where do you live at? That's REALLY small!! Where I live there's about 350,000 in the city, but including the surrounding cites throughout the county I think it's close to 600,000...Spokane, Washington. Probably never heard of it!!! :o)


ally - November 15

unique names are cool but pagean nacoma, landin, mystique, dauson, sorry i think none of the ones u mentioned are cool, they are more silly to be honest but just my opinion


LOL - November 15

I live in a small town in Illinois. The population sign says I think between 3000-4000 people, including little "subtowns" in the area. The reason I say it's hick is because as bad as this is. (I swear on a stack of bibles I'm not racist) But of our population, I went to school with maybe 5 black kids total. Not many black people like to come to our town because it's so racists. I think it's rather sad how small and closed minded it is. :(


Steph - November 15

Funny you bring that up, not haha funny, you get it...anyways, I live about 45min away from Hayden Lake, ID, which is where they had the big Aryan Nations compound, and there are quite a bit of redneck racisits here which have kind of given Eastern Washington a bad name which sucks because it's really a great place to live, minus some of the racial c___p here. That's a huge pet peeve of mine..


Susan - November 15

I don't know why but Nacoma and Dauson crack me up. he he



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