So Much Fat

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Ugh! - October 17

I'm 15 weeks and I've gained about 8 lbs. But all I have is this layer of fat on my stomach that I can pinch into huge rolls. No nice round bump at all. The rest of me is fine. What I don't understand is why all this flab???? I feel so self concious and I know I"ll get bigger too, but that's not the problem. I want to be growing with baby, not Buddah rolls! Is this normal. It's like my metabolism is changing the whole front of me to lard. I can't even see how this is healthy. ANyone else notice just flab acc_mulating????????????????


Lisa - October 17

When I first started to show it did not look like a little cute belly, it looked like a roll of fat too. And I was in great shape going into this pregnancy, I never had stomach fat and all of a sudden there it was. It was even worse when you sat down...I hear yah! Now I've got a rounded belly and I look pregnant, not fat. It will take some time but we normally go through the fat looking stage first. Don't worry, it's normal. :)


lisa B - October 17

I am dreading weight gain . I already have body issues! so I understand where you are coming from


Lisa - to Lisa B - October 17

We all have body issues, trust me. I do to. No matter how much you work out or whatever there is always something you want to change... something that could be a bit better, or smaller, or more rounded or whatever. For the longest time I wanted to get my b___sts done. They were a modest size, a nice 34B..but I wanted a C. I think with getting older I am growing to like my body for what it is. But I tell you, after my kids and I don't lose the weight after two years I am going in for lypo and a tummy tuck. I am not walking around the rest of my life like that.


Ugh! To Lisa - October 18

It just seems that I have an unusual amount of stomach fat and I heard that's bad for the heart. Hopefully a lot of it is water. I've always had some, but this is ridiculous. Please be water and fluids :) Please! Lisa, I've always been 118 lbs at 5'4". Always had a few little rolls since I've never been into abs and that, or doing crunches. But I'm guessing that my rolls are probably 3 times the size of yours. There are 2 when I sit and they are about 3 inches each!!!!!!! When I stand and let it all hand out, it looks like I'm 5 months along but it's bloat!


Lisa - October 18

I don't know what else to tell you sweety... But 5'4 and 118bs sounds like a good healthy weight too me; not too skinny and not overweight. Once you start to get further into your pregnancy it will round out and look like a pregnant belly, not a fat zone. Mine did too. Keep drinking lots of fluids and make sure to get your fibre everyday; that will help in a natural way good to both you and the baby, keep your moisturized to help it maintian it's elasticity and exercise.



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