So Scared I Cant Give Birth To This Baby

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ellie - June 11

i am soo scared girls, i dont think i can do it!! i never thought about having to give birth when i conceived!!!! now i am terrified!!! all the stories of hemmoroids and c sections and pooing on the table!!! i am so terrified how am i going to get through this!!!


sara - June 11

i was terrified too and guess what?? I didnt poo on the table and it only took me 20 minutes to push my nine pound baby boy out into the world. i did take an epidural at six centimeters . . . awesome stuff i tell you. it didn't take all the pain away but enough to let you save up your energy for once they're out. you didnt say when your due date is but i found by the very end i was ready for him to come out.


Kate - June 11

It will be all ok!! I know exactly what your going through. I went through it 7years ago with my son!! I cried and cried in the birthing suite until my sister got there.


Julz - June 11

Hey elllie. You will make it through. I felt the same way in my first pregnancy. I just thought I was going to die in labor, and that was the end of it, but (obivously) I'm here today and I made it though fine, just like you will be......and if I can make a suggestion, GET THE EPIDURAL!!!! It's like hevan in a IV. You'll be glad you got it.


K - June 11

you will do it b/c you have to. you will do what is best for your baby whether it is c section or v____al. believe that you are strong.


Lissi - June 11

I was talking to my cousin the other day, who is working on her second baby and a month ahead of me. She said that people scared her to death with their stories about labor before she gave birth the first time. She was petrified! She was surprised to find it wasn't half as bad as people made out, and got through the whole thing with just gas and air. I felt much better after hearing this and I'm not going to listen to any more horrible birth stories. They say that the calmer you are, the easier it'll be, because stress can inhibit the release of Oxytocin which helps with your contractions. If you're really scared, I think the epidural is the best way to go. Try to focus on the fact that you will be meeting your baby face to face very soon. That's what I'm planning to do.


Maddie - June 11

Is it true that your body will hold out on going into labor until your mind is ready to go into labor? All this time I've been trying to induce my labor, but haven't thought about whether or not I'm ready mentally!


Abby - June 11

My first labor I wasn't nervous because I didn't know what to expect, then toward the end I was nervous and it was MUCH easier than everyone made it out to be. I was induced, I had NO medication at all because I dialated too fast. My TOTAL labor was three hours and over. She came right out. She was 7 lbs, 3 ounces. Then with my second child last year I was not too nervous thinking it would be a peice of cake....IT WASN'T I wanted an epidural but by the time the lab work was back, I was at 9 cm...TOO LATE. I will be honest with you, that was no picnic...He was 10 lbs...they cut me and i ripped both. He got stuck three times because of my small frame and his heart rate was dropping, the doctor looked nervous, but didn't say anything to worry me. My husband was overseas, so it was awful, but in the worth it. I want a third child, but I am very scared about the labor part becuase i had such a big baby, but I am sure, I will have my third anyway. One day of pain will bring a lifetime of joy!!!!


dear ellie - June 12

ellie, labor is very rarely 'easy' but you can help prepare your body by doing lots and lots of walking (i did this with the first and had an uneventful 6 hour labor) the second i was a bit of a couch potato and it was longer and harder, but worth it all the same. Dont worry about poo, the whole process is pretty yuk but you can have a mini enema before hand (tiny tube of oil) to empty your bowel and ease your mind. The first labor i had no meds and was up walking about within an hour looking for food, the second had epidural but would probably avoid it next time, slowed things down and made recovery a bit slower.


Anna - June 12

You will have this baby and maybe you will have hemmoroids and c section and pooing on table and etc ... just put in in perspective - it is better the outcome to be a baby than your death due to cancer and chemotherapy and loss of weight and having someone having to clean your poopied bed and feeding you and carrying to take a shower, just to all end in a horrible death. Bless yourself as you are so lucky to only be delivering a baby!



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