So Scared For Baby

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anonymous - June 13

I am so scared for my baby as I did something horrible this weekend that I am very fearful may have harmed my baby. On Saturday night, my fiancee baked some brownies and put Marijuana in them. He used quite a bit. I laughed at him and told him that would never work, that he was being ridiculous. He said just try them and see what you think and I don't know what on earth I was thinking. I really, really, really did not think this through and did not think they would have any effect on me, let alone my baby. So I gave in and tried it. Now, I am usually very, very responsible and would NEVER do anything to intentionally harm my baby. I do not smoke, I do not drink, and I try to eat as healthy as I can. So, i don't really know what I was thinking, but I ate two of these brownies Saturday night and within a couple of hours...I felt AWFUL!! I felt like I was hallucinating and it was just awful....I just kept thinking...Oh my God, if I am feeling this, and I can hardly stand baby must be feeling this. I am sooooooo scared to death now, that I may have harmed my baby...that I may have given it brain damage or stunted it's growth, or even killed him/her. I don't know what to do. I can't believe that i could have been soooooo stupid...i just didn't think it would have that effect. I am 11 1/2 weeks pregnant. My fiancee feels really bad too as he did not know they would have that effect. He keeps trying to reassure my though that lot's of pregnant women do worse drugs than marijuana, like cocaine, or crack, or heroin in the first trimester, before they find out they are pregnant and their babies are okay. I jsut don't know. I guess I will just pray and pray that my baby is okay and make sure that I stay away from all harmful substances for the rest of my pregnancy. Please pray for me and please let me know what you think. I have a doctor;s appointment today, but I am afraid and embarrassed to tell him about it.


J - June 13

I don't know what to say I hope your baby is OK too. I think it was a pretty stupid thing to do and shame on your boyfriend.


Jessie - June 13

I am so p__sed off to read this, I am in tears. That poor baby. I am not going to scold you, it will do no good. All I am going to say is by you trying to defend what you did by saying there are worse things than getting high is sicker than you actually doing it. I can not believe you did that to a BABY. Ok I did scold you. I don’t cuss often but WHAT THE F*#^$ IS WRONG WITH YOU????????????


anonymous - June 13

I am not defending what I did in any way shape or form. I feel absolutely sick with guilt about it. Like I said, i don't drink, or smoke, or anything and I don't know what I was thinking. If you read my post right, you would see that my fiancee was trying to rea__sure me that some women have done worse drugs than marijuana in their first trimester before they even find out they are pregnant and their babies are fine. I did not try to defend what I did. I know it was wrong and I don't need anyone to tell me that. I am not looking for criticism here...i am looking for help. I have smoked marijuana in the past, on occa__sion, not frequently. I would NEVER consider smoking it or even cigarettes while pregnant so I don't know what I was thinking by eating those two brownies. i know it was STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!! I am just vERY VERY scared for my baby. If there were something wrong with my baby, i would NEVER forgive myself. Should I tell my doctor about this? I am scared to.


Jennifer - June 13

I would definately tell your doctor. If you dont you will spend the next 29 weeks being a wreck over it. He may want to watch you more closely to make sure that no damage was done.


monica - June 13

I agree call your doctor asap... tell him everything. There is nothing you can do at this point.... just keep taking care of yourse. I think your boyfriend needs help as well.


Audrea - June 13

Don't be afraid to tell your doctor. It's not like they can take your baby away when it is born because you made one horrible mistake like that. Everyone makes mistakes, and even those that effect others, including the fetus. As long as you have learned from it then there is no need to scold or criticize you since you already know what you did was irresponsible and wrong. At least you admit your faults and feel horrible about it. It shows that you do care about this baby, and don't worry what others may say. There are going to be those that judge others no matter what, so tell your doctor and make sure you let them know you don't do any other harmful things and you just made a really bad decision and will never do anything like that again. The doctor is not there to judge you, he is there to help you and your baby.


Jessie - June 13

Audrea, you really dislike me, every post I go to you have some thing to say in regards to me. Sweetie just because we have different views does not mean you need to put me down. I don’t criticize every one, I think this is a serious thing and I don’t take it lightly. Can we agree that we are different people and stop with the bashing hon, its really getting old. I have a right to this site too and you really make me feel like I don’t have the right to say any thing just because you disagree. I really want to enjoy the site just as much as you do and it’s really bothering me the way you are acting towards me.


P - June 13

Okay that was a boneheaded thing to do but I doubt any harm will come to your baby because of it. It's true there are many women who do far worse and have healthy babies anyway. I'm not defending you by any stretch, but I really don't think one misstep will have any dire results. Just please be much more careful and diligent for the the next 29 weeks okay? Oh and make sure you tell your doctor too. Good luck.


BBK - June 13

Anonymous, on the plus side you have that you're not a chronic pot user and that at 11.5 weeks, while it still is first trimester, it's towards the end of it. While a mult_tude of problems are possible the statistics are on your side; talk to your doctor like the others said, and be good from now on. Good luck!


to anonymous - June 13

Don't worry yourself to death over it. I'm sure your baby is fine...they are very resilient boogers. I was drunk of my a__s the night I found out I was pregnant and was so upset I drank a few more....and smoked a few more ciggs.....You and your baby will be fine.


anonymous - June 13

Thank you all so much, Jennifer, Audrea, P, BBK, Monica your rea__surance is a HUGE help and I will heed your advice to tell my doctor about it. Believe me...I will take every precaution from now on to keep my baby safe. Please pray for me and my little one. Thank you all again!! :)


Jessie - June 13

Apparently I feel more strongly about this than others do. I guess it’s the kind of work I was in where I am constantly exposed to children who came from drug addictive homes and families I am very pa__sionate about this sort of thing. There were also children whose mothers only did it once or twice like this scenario. Other people here don’t seem to find this "accident" to be such a big deal. I on the other hand due to my experience and past am very hurt and upset about this particular situation. I am glad you got the support you needed from other people, however I can not sympathize for you I am sorry. I am very disturbed by it. I guess it’s just because of my strong beliefs and background with my education in this matter along with my line of work. I hope every thing goes well for you and the baby.


P - June 13

Everyone is just as disturbed as you are Jessica but there is no point in beating her over the head. She's not a drug addict and she knows she made a stupid mistake and she says she won't do it again. What more do you want? She can't undo it; she can only do better from here on in. I've also never heard of anyone having problems from using marijuana once, hard drugs yes but not pot.


to jessie - June 13

chill out


Jessie - June 13

I can’t help but be pa__sionate about this, sorry. When it comes to drugs I can’t chill out.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 13

A done bun can't be undone. I agree with the majority, talk it over with your doctor so that he's aware of it. The most critical and delicate parts of the babies development occur in the first 12 weeks, so you are fortunate that you were approaching the end of this phase when you ate the brownies. You've already learned from your mistakes, and I honestly believe (although I am only a mom, not a doctor) that your baby suffered no lasting effects from your bad decision. Live and learn. :o)



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