So Scared What Do I Do Help Asap

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Nicole - April 7

Okay, well, I really thought I was pregnant,but instead I got my period early on day 31 usually my periods are between days 35-38.Anyways ever since day 20 I was having sore br___t but that went away.I'm still feeling naesuas,headaches,fatique,freqent urination but my period came.It had brownish discharge imbetween and dark blood but no clots and no too much of cramps just a lot of pressure it lasted for 6 1/2 almost 7 days.Ever since a week ago I had hot flashes and headaches from h__l.Yesterday it was the worst.Suddenly I just got real weak and dizzy (luckily I was laying down) and my body (mainly my face) got super hot.I took my temperature and it was 99.9 almost 100.I took a tylenol and went to sleep around 6:00 and woke up around 10:30 and ate some chicken noodle soup and feel back to sleep.I woke up about 10 times last night sweating! I had a terrible sleep last night.Anyways, what is going on, could I of miscarried and not knew it!


Karen - April 7

Please go to see a doctor to see what is going on. Every woman is different and conditions are different. All the best


JLorenzo - April 7

If it wasn't for the discharge and blood it would have sounded like the flu or a virus. I mean, I had all those symptoms when I had a nasty virus recently. But the blood is probably the most disconcerting symptom. I would get it checked out for peace of mind.


grandma - April 7

the best way for you to find out is go to the doctor. because it might be that you did had a miscarried, so it will be best for you to go to the doctor so you have in a dead baby in side of you. in it having you to get sick from it because of the you need to get to the doctor to decide on what you need to do about the issue.


Nicole - April 7

Thank ya'll! I'm going to get an appt. I don't want to walk a round with a dead baby inside of me!


Nicole - April 7

Anyone else?


Misty - April 7

I would agree with what you already decided to do. I'm not sure exactly what the cause is of what you are going through but it is definately not normal. It could be that you were pregnant and you had a miscarriage, or you could just be sick. But either way you should go see a doctor. Anything that makes you feel the way you are feeling needs to be looked at. Call and set an appointment.


cll - April 7

Karen is right. The best thing to do right now is to go see a Dr. Good luck!


Nicole - April 7

I'm still having heaches, and I'm feeling so dizzy and neasua when I eat, my body feels live it is shaky and all I want to do is sleep and I've done that all day.My body feels like it is burning up!



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