So Sick Of Working

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reedane - October 22

Hey all. A little bit of a venting session here. I am coming up to my 18th week. AND I AM SO SICK OF WORKING!!!! People are really driving me crazy. I am becoming bored out of my brain, and driving myself crazy!!! I want to finish work. But we really need my income. ANY SUGGESTIONS???


wantanotheraftertr - October 22

I feel just like that. I have to keep working as well I am 32 weeks and just keep going every day gets me closer to haveing this baby and getting time off. My back has hurt for most of this pregnancy I am a hair stylist so am on my feet all day. I did however cut my hours back to every other day or close to that. It is a strech for us financially but I have saved enough money to pay bills while I'm off for my materninty leave. I am also going to try looking for a different job while I'm on leave because I don't like the people I work for. Good luck to you and hang in there remember you will have some time off soon!


kay101 - October 22

I felt like that even before I got pregnant. I had been looking for a new job and I can't help but hate the fact that I'm stuck there now until the baby is born. I'm only 8 weeks and it seem like every week just drags on longer and longer. I think I'm probably going to take the full 12 weeks of maternity leave and hunt dilligently for a new job once I'm able to get out there.


Julsbaby24 - October 22

I am in the same boat as all of you!!! I feel trapt with my job because my insurance is through my job! I also feel as though no company would hire a pregnant women! Has anyone found a good job while they were pregnant??


tish212 - October 22

I had the same one would look twice at me cuz I am pregnant... all they saw was the fact that come dec I would have to take leave.... I stayed at work as long as I could until I could no longer bend over or stand to be on my feet the full 8 hours. I decided to cut my hours back...but apparently my boss would rather me not work at all so he took me off the schedule (he has known me for almost 10 years and is scared that if I work it will cause harm to the baby...) so he offered to buy all our baby I could stop working of course I said no cuz I just can't have someone do somethin like that...its just too much. I am now at home because the dr said to stop working (the stress drove my blood pressure too high) but I feel so guilty because I am no longer bringing in money.... I understand the boredom with working and the want to stop and my first week off was great but I have to say I am so bored that I wish I were still working...



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