So What S The Worst Thing You Ate Today

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Lisa - October 6

I had praline ice cream for lunch...


Cathy - October 6

I had pizza for breakfast. And a soft pretzel covered in salt and dipped in warm cream cheese


KLC - October 6

Well it's not even 9 AM here and I am half way through a box of cheez its!!!! I love the saltiness of them!!


jb - October 6

Well, its still early. All Ive eaten is a blueberry muffin for breakast. Yesterday i ate doritos before dinner. And I had wheat thins at like 11pm. Probably will snack on more doritos today before and after lunch.


Cathy - October 6

It looks like we all have a healthy diet. : )


kris A. - October 6

Well, I thought I had a healthy diet. Went in for my checkup yesterday (33 weeks) and my doctor said "you have certainly bloomed in the last month!" Seems I have been gaining 2 lbs a week - I didn't gain much at all before that so that makes a grand total of 21 lbs - but he told me to cut back... apparently the juice I love is just too fattening. One more thing off the list, sigh.


Cathy - October 6

I gained weight like crazy my first trimester (13#) now when I am supposed to gain a pound a week I have lost 2#. I was sick for a week so maybe that is the reason... also been on a tight budget so the late night ice cream and cookies and brownies and etc etc have stopped for a while. LOL I cannot live without my cherry Juicy Juice. I hope it is not going to be taken off my list. I put it in a wine gla__s and drink it while my dh has a beer.


J - October 6

I had a Burger King onion ring for dinner last night then a small ice cream, i feel so bad!


M.A. - October 6

I was sick half the day yesterday, so I didn't eat much. But I've been craving red meats for months now, especially pot roast. My husband made it in the crock pot w/potatoes, onions, and carrots for dinner. And I ate half the pot. Then I got up and ate almost the other half for breakfast this morning. Those juicy onions, and that savory, thick meat really hit the spot! Usually I've been eating three eggs every morning for breakfast. I also had a little b___ter almond ice cream later this morning! But I plan on finishing off that pot roast and those good ole onions for lunch!


grr - October 6

that is my stomach growling over the pot roast. YUMMY!


Suebecca - October 6

I had cheese sticks and chips and salsa for dinner last night. I was REALLY bad!


Michelle - October 6

Double Stuff Oreos with milk. YUM! I eat them at lunch time and after dinner. I love them! That is definitely my craving!


trina - October 6

french fries and jalepenos--and I am pying for it now!


Gina - October 6

Sooooo glad to hear other people eat like me :)


Jessica - October 6

Yesturday I ate a whole milkyway bar!!! Does anyone else feel guilty when they eat bad? Like your doing something bad to the baby....


Cathy - October 6

Oh Jessica, only one milky way? LOL I just ate a kit kat for lunch. but I did have some fish and potato as well. Do I feel bad? YES but sometimes it is hard to eat as healthy as you need to. I try but the sweet tooth cravings are unbearable.


lynnstress - October 6

Leftover cake from my shower - three-layer Lifesaver cake. There are still two pieces left - for how long, I don't know...



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