So Worried Someone Please Help Me

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smichellem23 - May 30

I used to feel my baby kick so much, and now it seems like he barely kicks at all. I'm 7 months pregnant, shouldn't the kickin increase instead of decrease??


Ddvinson3 - May 30

I'm not sure I'm only 23 weeks and mine is kicking strong still. If there is a decrease in the baby moving I would contact your doctor ASAP! It may be that he's just sleeping or not very active today but to be on the safe side always contact your doctor!!!!!


JESS1980 - May 30

smichelle23: I agree with should probably call you doctor. Based on the pregnancy information I have, I think the baby should be most active between 28-32 weeks. Then, as he starts getting bigger, he'll start moving less (b/c his living space is getting cramped). Your baby is probably fine....I've seen a lot of posts on this website for women that have the same problem, and everything turned out okay. I am also 7 months. My baby moves a lot these days.....but there's usually at least one day a week where he doesn't move very much. Babies get tired just like we do. So, your baby is probably fine....but it might still be a good idea to call your doctor. Good Luck!!!


Liz23 - May 30

Hi, I heard if you eat a cany bar or drink/eat something sweet you may be able to feel the baby move.


angie m - May 30

I have had 3 and my last one stopped moving for a couple days around 7 months and nothing would get him to move. I tried pushing on my tummy to upset him which worked with my other two when I was worried, I tried eating some candy, and taking a bath which seemed to always make my babys move around. But still nothing so on the third day I called my midwife and she had me come in. She did an ultra sound and all of a sudden my baby started moving around like crazy. He was fine and his heart beat was great. I would go in and see the doctor just to make your self feel better. Good luck and let us know what what you find out.


kari15 - May 30

Hi smichellem23, that happened to me too! My baby moved like crazy then she significantly doctor told me to eat something sugary and lay on my side for a worked! but if i were you I would get an appointment just in's better to be safe than sorry although I think your baby is fine....good luck!


lexa - May 30

On the good side, you said "it seems like he barely kicks at all". If you can still feel him moving, that is good. My motto is, WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT! If it has decreased significantly, the doctor would want to check on you and make sure all is well with the baby. please let us know how you are doing!



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