Soda While Pregnant Anyone

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beth - December 14

I sometimes have 1 soda/day. it is the only caffinated drink I drink. Other than that.....its water all day. I know its best not to drink soda while pregnant for many reasons, but are other women out there still drinking soda in minimal amounts??


Brandi - December 14

It is safe to drink up to 300 mg. of caffiene and day while pregnant. The average can of soda has 35-50 mg., 8 oz. cup of has about 150 mg. so you're totally fine to drink a soda everyday. My doctor actually recommended a can of Mt. Dew to help with my headaches.


dee - December 14

I drank diet pepsi throughout my entire pregnancy. Granted not the best thing to drink, but my dr never said anything about it.


Drew - December 14

I crave Coke sooooo much it's not funny. I have to have one medium fountain pop a day! If I drink any more than that I get the worst gas....sorry tmi. But I read exactly what Brandi wrote about caffiene amounts. Don't worry, your not the only one out there with this guilty pleasure!! lol :)


Bonnie - December 14

I don't see it as too much of an issue. During my second trimester I started craving it like mad, excepty that my weight shot up, I quit. The wierd thing is, I HATE water and this last trimester has me craving it like mad.


Lin - December 14

How on Earth can you hate water? My mom says the same thing, and it's a tasteless substance! Are you drinking it straight from a nasty tap or something? So long as it's bottled (or straight from the tap in Munich, where it is the lovely sweet nectar of the Alps), then it's wonderful thirst-quenching heaven. I HATE soda. It's freakin' hummingbird food. Down with soda, water forever!


K - December 14

Hi does anyone know how much caffiene a 12 oz cup of tea has?


Lin - December 14

I don't know for sure, but it's definitely less than coffee. If coffee is 150 mg, then I'd guess tea to be anywhere up to 100 mg or so, depending on the tea. The darker the tea, the more caffeine, usually. Some teas, like camomille, have no caffeine at all.


Drew - December 15

Lin, it's not the taste, it's hard to explain. Or maybe it's the fact it has no taste. I think that's why I don't usually like it. Bonnie, I'm same as you, I usually hate it with a pa__sion, but being pg I can't get enough! Oh, by the way, did you know if you drink too much water it flushes out and depletes you body's vitamin stores? Something to think about...


L - December 15

I had to have caffeine daily to avoid headaches. I would have one to two regular pepsi's a day and have milk, water, juice or caff free the rest of the time. My son is doing great, no problems.


Lin - December 15

To Drew: I think what you're thinking of with too much water is an electrolyte imbalance, not vitamins, but it takes a *LOT* of water to do that - probably on the order of gallons in a day.


J - December 15

My doc seems pretty strict on caffeine which is not fun for me - it makes me feel guilty!! She says 2 cups of home brewed coffee a day or less than a 12 oz espresso drink. When I said I had 1 pop a day on average she said I should cut back --I never drink both coffee and pop in the same day either. It helps with my headaches too and I just plain love it! Everyones doctor says such different things!


Liana - December 15

i just felt the need to stay away from caffeine since i found out i was pregnant. it never really did anything for me anyway. however, i miss the taste and feel of soda (does that make sense), so i have a can of mug rootbeer (caffeine free) around once a week. i do have gingerbread deacaf lattes though which according to my co-worker still has some caffeine. i can't help it though because i've been looking forward to gingerbread lattes all year. so...that's my answer to this question. lol!


tiffany - December 15

i agree, i get cravings for caffeine all the time, and I'll just take a sip of my hubby's soda (coke, or mt dew) but just a sip, I told myself I wouldn't drink caffeine. I crave Caffeine free diet coke though, I have atleast one gla__s everyday!! can't help the cravings!! :-)


Bonnie - December 15

LOL, my mom always said that to me as well, "Water has no taste.". Well, tastes nasty to me. I don't normally like any water, whetehr bottled or not. Never have and couldn't explain why. The wierd thing is though, I love unsweetened iced tea so I normally drink a ton of that. But for some reason this pregnancy has me craving the water, I must be drinking a lifetime supply of the stuff. :D Maybe I will get lucky and still like the taste after this baby pops out.


Drew - December 15

No, Lin, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. It's not an electrolyte issue at all. It's exactly what I said, it can wash vitamins out of your system. Drinking water makes you urinate.....vitamins that your body doesn't use or doesn't have a chance to use are pa__sed through your urine. Trust me, I've worked in the natural health business for 6 years. And yes it takes a fair bit of water to do it, but certainly not the amount you mentioned.


K - December 15

I heard that tea has more caffiene than coffee but I don't think that's true.



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