Some Advice Im Not Sure What To Think

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Nicki - November 17

I have a similar problem to some posted here. Last few months I have felt sick with vomiting, dizziness, have no energy and sleep all the time. My br___ts hurt and are bigger, my stomach has had a pulling/dragging feeling in the muscles at the side and I am incredibly tender there and slightly swollen. But again I have had periods although they are nothing like they are normally, especially the last one which was 2 days of spotting then a bit heavier but still nowhere near normal. I took a urine test and it said negative but now I dont know what to do, any ideas?


mummy of two?? - November 17

Hi Nicki, I am in the same boat as you. I can't really offer any advise but atleast I can tell you that you aren't alone. I have been trying to fall pregnant for 2 months. I have been feeling bloated for the past few weeks with sore b___sts, cramps and have just started having flu symptoms this morning. My periods are usually every 25-27 days with no pms at all. This month I had two days of brown smears of blood on day 23 (2 days earlier than expected period) gradually turned to pink smears but really only when wiped with the toilet paper. The next 3 days was only small amounts of blood - hardly red - not enough really to even wear a sanitary pad. I usually have a medium flow of blood when I get my period for about 4 days. I still feel really bloated and crampy. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests both were negative. I feel different but maybe I'm just hoping for a positive result. Hope someone can give us both some answers. Wishing you all the best xx


desire - November 17

sorry, But we all must be riding on the same train because I'm almost going thru the same situation. Please give me advise. My question is under the t_tle " I HEARD A ULTRASOUND". Ladies, all we can do is pray for the negative to stop showing up and let the positive come up with our level of hcg to get higher.



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