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baileygirl - February 8

okay i am trying to get pregnant and i am really confused because i had s_x for my first time last night and my boyfriend *c_mmed* in me of course.But i woke up this morrning and it came out of that supposed to happen??? oh and i wanted to know what pre-c_m is??


tryin44 - February 8

YEs, what goes in must go out. Prec_m is what comes out before he orgasms. Are you sure you are ready for a baby? You just had you first s_xual experience and already want a baby. Just my opinion but that is an awfully big jump in life. You seem very young and definetly inexperienced. But to each is own I guess.


tryin44 - February 8

OK bailey girl.....I saw you have another post on teens and pregnancy and it was a TOTALLY different story. I am wondering what is truely up with you. Are you just having fun here because the other site said how you were so worried you were pregnant and you took a test in Dec. Here you say you just had s_x for the first time last night.


babii_boo91 - February 8

Ok ur a fake there are REAL pregnant people who need REAL help.. get off the boards and find some other way to ammuse yourself..


Miloswife01 - February 8

First of all your two stories arn't adding up if your going to lie why dont you make sure that you put out the same story. Second of all If you dont know if it is normal for the sperm to come back out and if you don't know what pre ejaculation is you are by far not even remotely close to being ready for a baby. why dont you get off the board and leave the boards for the people who really need the advice


lunamoo - February 9

OMIGOD you daft cow!!!!!!!!! Go away!!!!!!!! Far, far away.


AyameLovesXion - February 9



baileygirl - February 13

ummmm what are you talking about im 19 why would i write in the teen pregnancy i actualy think i have been hacked who would i go to, to find out oh and can you get pregnant from pre-c_m


rj_80 - February 13

I haven't seen your other story so will give you the benefit of the doubt. Prec_m is the small amount of c_m that 'leaks' from your partners p___s as you're enjoying love making before he ejaculates. Yes you can get pregnant from prec_m. It's not that common because even when actively trying you only have about a 20% chance of acutally conceiving. But say that he was withdrawing before he came properly it's likely he'd have prec_m which is still capable of fertilising an egg. Likewise if he has it on his hands and touches you inside it could happen too but again it's not that likely but not impossible. If you don't want a baby then start to consider contraception carefully. Condoms, the pill and spermicides can all help. If you are considering getting pregnant and you're sure that the time is right for you AND your partner then you need to understand how it works a bit more. I'm 26 and I've only recently discovered some things I didn't know only because I've been reading up since we've been wanting a baby! There is no shame in asking questions and it's a positive sign. Just make sure that you're BOTH ready. Oh - and yes it's very very normal for c_m to come out so to speak! Out of all the millions of sperm ejaculated only a few hundred get anywhere near the egg and are in with a chance of making a baby. Be careful of urinary tract infections which can be caused by not going to the loo for a wee after you've had s_x. If you're trying for a baby, wait a bit but I always have to go after about 30mins because I'm prone to cyctisis which is horrible and sore! Good luck whatever you decide you BOTH want.



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