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Donna - February 17

I had unprotected s_x when i was ovallating i had my period but i was 3 days late and it only lasted 2 and a half days could i be pregnant please help


To Donna - February 17

There is a possibility that you are. Take a test hunny. My fingers are crossed for you.


you - February 17



Donna - February 17

have any of u ever bleed during pregnancy?


Lynn - February 17

I haven't but I know that my fiances mother had 2 or 3 "periods" and she was really pregnant.


Donna - February 17

do u know if there where normal or light?


Lovely - February 18

Do you have any other symptoms? Sore b___bs are a fantastic indicator of pregnancy....


Donna - February 18

i have sore b___sts and i feel sick at night


Cleo - February 18

It's possble. I have never bled when I was pregnant but my mam bled on all hers (5) on 2 she bled for the nine months.


marion - February 18

no dont think so if you have had bleeding


donna - February 18

hello i lightly spotted the whole nine months with libby and never lost her. it would come the day i was suppose to get my period first dix months i freaked stayed in bed isolated myself and such after that i put a linerin and when on my way


lovely - February 18

If you have sore b___bs, are feeling sick at night, and had a small, late period.... think of it this way... If your daughter came to you, telling you the same things you have said, would you think she was pregnant? :)


Donna - February 18

i took a test and it can out negative is the anyway i could be pregnant and the test is wrong


KM - February 18

Donna, yes.Maybe it is still early for your Hcg levels to show on the test., If you feel you are preggo ask the doctor for a blood test, they are more acurate. Also, YES you can have a period or something that ressembles a period and still be pregnant.


Donna - February 18

Thanx for you advice


confused - February 18

you must want to get pregnate. why would you have unprotected s_x while you are aware of and know you are ovulating. were you on drugs or something? anyway, since you did have your period you i doubt you are pregnate. go see a doctor about your period being late and short. also get on birth control and some condoms while you are out. unless you really do want to get pregnate


KM - February 19

no problem, good luck :)



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