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MJM - September 8

Okay we all go here to ask questions and want honest answers. But I guess what I dont understand is when people get p___sed because you wont even try br___t feeding, or that you have to place your child in daycare. B--t feeding is best and you shouldnt let other people raise your children. To these people you are kind right in a perfect world where money did not run everything I think that all of us mothers would stay home with our children. Some of us CANT br___t feed. My br___ts get so large that my daughter could not latch on and I am not going to even try with our son. So everyone please give us your honest feed back but at the same time dont beat us up over things that we cannot control. My husband makes 22 bucks and hour 60-70 hours a week. My take home is 500 a week. So to all of a sudden cut out 2000 from our budget just doesnt work for me. We dont have a lot of bills but we do have child support and many other things. So again please dont put us down because we have to go back to work or we are totally unable to br___t feed.


Anne - September 8

Ignore them. They think they have all the answers when in reality they're just insecure with themselves, hence the outward criticism.


tikki goddess - September 8

amen to that. i really do not see the biggie with the b___stfeeding 3rd reich myself. it's such a personal choice, and these formulas are just as good as b___stmilk from my opinion. they act like we live in 3rd world countries or something where these things are issues. i mean, get real people!! just surf the net on b___stfeeding, and out pops a treasure trove of lactivist BS designed to belittle formula feeding moms, and some even attack familes that bottle feed formula!? HAA!! that's when you know they are insane hypocrites not worthy of even this mention...however, i had to respond to this because i feel the same way you do. here's my philosophy...if they get in your face over your right, your choices, knock them the hell out and ask questions last. that's what's up. two bottles up!!


tikki goddess - September 8

wooops!! i need to edit something...i meant bottle feed b___stmilk...sorry, for that misprint.


Lisa - September 8

I agree, it's all a personal choice. I will be b___stfeeding; but if the baby does not take it or the growth rate is not what it should be I'm switching. Why risk it? And after my maternity leave is over I'll be putting my child in daycare; not every woman has the luxury of being able to stay at home and raise their children. People are too judgemental these days on issues which they don't the history or circ_mstances.


tikki goddess - September 8

for real. and it dives me absolutley insane when they want to delve into business that is not theirs!! everyone's situation is different, and daycare, good daycare, is actually good for kids social development.


Lisa - September 8

With the limited information provided by people it's hard to make a fair judgement call when some people ask for your opinion; some people really give heart felt opinions and some are just very judgemental and cruel. You just have to decide what point you want to listen to and not to take the inappropriate answers to heart.


Lissi - September 8

I think Lisa hit the nail on the head, when she said don't take these things to heart. It's your baby, your life and everyone else can go to hell. I'm going to try and b___stfeed, but I have no qualms about switching to the bottle if it doesn't work out after a a few weeks. My SIL wanted to b___stfeed exclusively, but was in so much pain after 2 weeks that she couldn't continue. She asked her health visitor for advice, but she wasn't at all helpful, and just told her to stop trying believe, it or not! I'll be at home with my child for a while, not because it's a luxury, but because I can't afford daycare. We all have to do what's best for our own kids and our own lives.


fair enough then - September 9

why is NOT b___st feeding such a topic .... sooo many excu... I mean reasons ??????????????????????? I could come on here with great-guns-a-roaring but I'm not going to because you were polite in the way you put your situation ... well lotsa other people share the same situation so I'm just simply going to ask you and anyone else who wants to answer .... not b___st feeding , growing up in daycares and with babysitters , what's the point ???


Lisa - to fair enough then - September 9

I'm not sure I understand your question or where you are going with this. In my own case I will be b___st feeding; there are many benefits to it such as immunity against certain things, it's convinent and I don't have to worry about bottles or buying formula and it's always the right temperature! If, I have a problem and b___st feeding does not become an option then ofcourse I am going to switch to formula, the baby has to eat. With regards to childcare I would rather be home and raise my children myself. The good thing about my situation right now is that I am on Leave in a foreign country and probably will be for 5 years; so I will have those years to raise my children. If I did not, I would have to work and unfortunately my children would go in daycare. I always had babysitters growing up as both my parents worked and I would have rather my mother be home; and so would have she but financially it was not possible. We needed a two income household to be able to live and have a life. I don't think one decision is right, or wrong. Like I said, it's all a personal choice and what's best for you and your family. Cheers!


to Lisa - September 9

I appreciate and respect your answer although I'm sure if one hears enough negativity toward b___stfeeding it can make people getting a little edgey sometimes even fly off the handle , same can apply to the daycare situation . Given that the world average for b___stfeeding is 4 years and of course b___sts are not just some fashion statement , when women come on to these threads I say things like they don't like it or it's too hard , well some people are going to fly off the handle and some would even be tempted to dive through their computer and lunge at the person making such claims and statements . I hope MJM can understand this .


CEM - September 9

i also wanted to be a stay-at-home mom until my boys started school (7 years old where i am!), but you know what i found out? they got bored out of their minds and were asking to go to the local daycare! it's a great place and they LOVE it there! so, not to put anyone down, but those who say they're going to stay home with their kids, wait and see what happens! 5-7 years is a long time! i am not a bad mother for doing this....i make there house a home when they're gone, drop off and pick up, cook and clean, and most importantly have time for their new baby brother and am fresh and refuelled when i pick them up. you've got to consider the family's well-being as a whole. everyone's situation is different. :D


to CEM - September 9

good point , we also have one who we were going to home school ... fat chance! the child is far to social and piers are important to him so off to kindergarten he goes and he loves it , although saying that everyone's situation is different is too convenient because in MJM,s situation she would have gone to a support group if she really wanted to do the best for her daughter and son but clearly stated that her b___bs were too big . The way some people come on here and support her big b___b theory just makes her feel excused and to do so is completely wrong


Lisa - September 9

Obviously this is a touchy subject to some people and I'm not making excuses for anyone; I was just giving my view on what I would do if it was to happen. I think b___stfeeding is a great and I will do it as long as I can to make sure my baby is as healthy as it can be...but that is my opionion only.


to Lisa - September 9

sorry ... as stupid as this may sound and maybe a bit selfish but that's what I wanted to hear but most importantly ... thats what MJM should probably hear because you are unbias and non offensive ... THANKYOU ! opinion or not you're doing great for your children ... good luck


Lisa - September 9

Thank you! This is my first child but I had pretty good parents as role models who did everything they could (and still do) to make life as best as it could be for myself and my younger brother. I try to keep an open mind and see it from both angles if I can. Good luck to you as well! Do you have children already or are you pregnant with your first as well?


to Lisa - September 9

no preg . two boys age 5 and 3 . First child is a blast .... it's too easy , they are so little you can humour yourself by putting them in a paper bag with their little head sticking out ... that would make many people laugh maybe even the baby . They have three cries 1 p__sed off 2 hungry 3 in pain . you'll see how easy it is and a blessing but a fun blessing . ENJOY ! Now finnish that dessert of yours cuz as I said .... I'm going to be in big trouble if I don't get some sleep .



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