Some People Just Like To Bitch

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simone - April 24

I have been reading alot of comments on here about britney spears and i am disgusted to think that people slag her off because she is pregnant. She may be a very popular singer but what is wrong with people just congratulating her and her partner on their very exciting news. I for one is very pleased with their news and hope that everything goes fine and they will have a healthy baby at the end of her pregnancy. CONGRATULATIONS and all the very best for the future.


Know your facts! - April 24

I think some people maybe jealous of her pregnancy. Why dislike a person because she is beautiful? I wish I had a body like that. I hope she have a healthy pregnancy and marriage. I truely agree with your statement. There is a lot of negative and mean comments on this forum.


April - April 24

this couldn't have been said on the britney thread that already exists?? and by the way... i agree with you 100%


kldsls - April 24

I wouldn't worry about it. Britney's probably way too busy to read pregnancy forums and I doubt if she'd care what people here think. She's pretty, rich and famous, why would she?


leslie - April 25

I think everyone has an opinion about her either good or bad, the only difference is that people here put in in a forum for other people to read..but other than that..I see no difference..She knows that by been a famous person she has to go thru all kinds of judgments!


fiifdifg - April 25

I'm sure she doesn't care!


Karen - April 25

Who really cares, and why make a big deal about it. Everyone is has a right to their own opinion. I for one really could care less. It does not effect my life in away. WHATEVER !!!!


....... - April 25

He he he! The hormones are flowing and everyone's getting heated about nothing again. It's very funny!


Karen - April 25

I love ..... comment very good. When I having a hormone day I take it out on the bf. I think he deserves it more than anyone. HAHAHAA



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