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Rita - April 8

Has anyone ever been told they were going to miscarry and then didn't??? And gone on to have a heathy baby.. And I don't mean a threatened miscarrige where only the possibility is there, I mean they told u that you were definitly going to miscarry?


nhb - April 8

Uh . . . no. Who told you you were going to miscarry? Was it a doctor? I'd DEFINITELY get a second opinion if that's the case . . .


Maleficent - April 8

anything is possible. my aunt "miscarried" AND had a d&c and somehow 2 weeks later they found a 5 week old fetus. my cousin will be 12 soon.


Misty - April 8

Sadly it seems that a lot of doctors out there are complete jacka__ses and as soon as they see something they don't think is completely normal they tell people that they are going to miscarry. It happened before on here with one lady who always had irregular periods, making it hard to know when she would ovulate and how far along she would be. But her doctor (jacka__s that he was) went by LMP as date of conception, then when he couldn't see the heartbeat when he thought he should he told her she was going to miscarry, turned out that she had just concieved later and she hadn't been far enough along yet to see the heartbeat. Why did your doctor tell you that you were definatly going to miscarry? If you have any doubt about what he said then go get another opinion, and if he turns out to be wrong get another doctor.


Karen - April 8

Unless you are experiencing symtoms of a miscarriage I would not worry. These could be unbearable period like cramps, spotting to heavy bleeding like a real period I would have cause for concern. I would also question why that person said I would miscarry. Dont ever be afraid to ask questions. I even have my doc cell phone and trust me I am not afraid to use it at anytime. I think sometimes he thinks I nuts (who cares I am or my insurance is paying him). The sad thing is that there is not much you can do if you start to miscarry but to wait. Unless you get a logical reason dont worry and enjoy your pregnancy. When I was miscarring looking back I suspect that my doc knew what was happening. Cause when I did went for an exam he was not a bit surprise. I think he did not want to alarm me or cause me to be afraid. He certainly did not tell me I was going to miscarry. I think that is a bit cold and insensitive.


Misty - April 8

I agree with you there Karen. It is like the exact opposite thing but still just as bad. It is a disregard of feelings. They ought to let us know exactly what is going on and if we MIGHT miscarry then tell us that.



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