Someone Help I Have Chronic Bacteria Vaginitis

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brwneyedbbydll - June 5

I am 20 weeks and every since I have gotten my period I have had chronic Bacteria Vaginitis, I have read that this causes women to have miscarriages and I just got treated for it 2 weeks ago but it is back and I don't have a docs app for another 2 weeks, I called and they are all booked up should I go to the hospital or wait to see my doc?? Is my baby in great danger??


HannahBaby - June 5

i would go to hosp. or call your primary care doctor if you cant get in to see your obgyn for 2 weeks


Steph - June 5

Why don't you call your doctor's office and ask? If the nurse doesn't have the answer, the doctor will call you back or ask to have you come in. Also, if you have known of this diagnosis, why didn't you tell your doctor at any of your appts?


Olivene - June 6

Steph, she told her doctor and was treated already, but it is back. Call your doctor, but I doubt your baby is in great danger. I think this kind of infection is pretty common. Good luck.


LadyD - June 6

I had the same thing a couple weeks ago, except I am not pg right now. What I suggest you do is call the dr., tell them to call the prescription in to the pharmacy for you, go and pick it up, use it, and hold tight until your appt. I doubt the baby is in danger because I've heard it is common for women to get yeast infections during pregnancy. I would hope your dr. wouldn't have you sitting around knowing you have an infection that can harm the baby. Call another dr. and ask their opinion, or Planned Parenthood (not sure if you're in the States). They have counselors that can answer questions for you and put your mind at ease.


Lynne - June 6

Call your doctor and speak with the nurse. Tell the nurse what the problem is chances are they will call in a rx for you to pick up.


NURSEJ - June 22

why do u keep getting bacteria vaginitis/vaginosis. are u having s_x with someone who is sleeping with other women?? but u should go to the hospital, they'll call in a prescription 4 u.


kimholl28 - June 22

When I was pregnant I had the same problem. My Dr. said I could use any over the counter medicine for it. But, put a call in and make sure yours says it is ok.


tiphanai - June 22

NurseJ, BV is not necessarily s_xually transmitted. It's caused by a disruption of bacteria in the Vagina. Hormonal imbalance is a great cause for BV and we all know are hormones are all over the place during pregnancy. Brwn, i also get recurring BV - usually right after my period (whether or not i'm having s_x) I would treat myself with Boric Acid suppositories which help to reset the PH balance. It's alot more natural and cost effective than taking meds, but not a recommended treatmeant during pregnancy. I brought up my history with my doc and the fact that i too read that it can cause miscarriage. She did say that BV is not a confirmed cause of miscarriage and is not as dangerous as all the literature says. If anything it's more uncomfortable to us than baby. With that said i would follow the other ladies advice and get your prescription re-filled, it was probably Flagyl right?


NURSEJ - June 25

tiphani, actually FLAGYl is for FUNGAL infections not bacteria so flagyl would not help BV. and most cases of BV are s_xually transmitted. true enough the hormones increase in pregnancy causing an instable balance in v____as PH. But recurrent BV there is a problem. not only am i a RN but my DR. OBGYN also told me about this. you can go to any website about STD's or read it in books. I don't believe having BV every single month, or every single time your period ends is normal.


Rhonda - June 25

I would call and demand to be seen,if that dont work just go to the er at least they wont turn you away.


AshleyB - June 25

Could someone describe the signs or type of discharge you have with BV?


Grandpa Viv - June 25

Last time I looked it up, BV is in a different league from yeast. One possible cause is mixing a___l and v____al s_x. Symptoms can be extreme, including sore muscles. The CDC site is with two hyphens, one between Fact and Bacterial, the second between Bacterial and Vaginosis. Let me see if this site takes an http link ... <a href="">Vaginosis</a>


Grandpa Viv - June 25

Sorry, the site does not take html. You'll have to paste the link to your browser and remove the unwanted hyphens.


tiphanai - June 25

Actually NurseJ, Flagyl is the #1 choice for treating BV. You can google it and see for yourself. I have also included a link: Personally, I can't say i was getting BV every month because I was not going to the clinic every month. But when i would start to notice a pattern of BV symptoms, such as v____al odor, foul-smelling discharge or an increase in the smell after the times I did have s_x I would treat it with Boric Acid which is recommended by doctors to treat Yeast Infections & Bacterial Vaginosis. It's a natural treatment and especially good for women who experience some sort of PH or bacterial imbalance after a menstrual cycle and don't wish to over-medicate themselves with Canesten, Flagyl or some other oral medication. I'm not advocating anyone use this treatment, especially during pregnancy! I'm just stating what my doctor recommended to me and what thousands of other women use to treat such an infection.


Lala - June 25

I agree, and NurseJ, you'd better check your facts. Flagyl is an antibiotic that can be given po or IV. It is not a anti-fungal for yeast. Flagyl is ususally the first rx given for BV. BV is a BACTERIAL over-growth in the v____a a__soiciated with pH imbalance. If used to be called bacterial vaginitis or gardnerella. While it can be cla__sified as an STD (as can cervical CA), it can also be present in virgens. OTC yeast medicines cannot treat BV as it needs anti-biotics.


NURSEJ - June 26

LALA ia m aware of the routes of adminstration of flagyl. Flagyl also known as metronidazole, as well as diflucan are all cla__sified as antifungals. I was not aware of its antibacterial properties. In my hospital CEDAR SINAI in California #2 in America it is only prescribed as an antifungal, or antiameobic medications. so i did check my facts, extensivley otherwise i would not have given my advice. And further more VIRGINS im sure can catch BV but not every month, or every time their menses ends that is not normal.



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