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anna - June 29

I had a regular period may 18th-23rd. I hd unprotected s_x the 28th,31st,and 2nd of june. then again the 13th 2 days b4 my next period. I took a preg test on the 5th day of my missed period it was pos. I was just wonderin if anyone knew what date I actually got preg....anyone help?


Karen - June 29

I would say between the 31 of May and the 2 of June. It is really hard to pin point a definate date. You due date is 40 weeks from the first day of your last period.


Sydney - June 29

Hey anna....trying to figure out who the dad is? lol...completely common! Honestly the dates are so close together you will probably need to wait until you see your doctor. By doing an ultra sound the doctor can only guarentee within 4 days. Meaning....either 4 more days than what the doctor says, OR 4 days less. I would wait before I told anyone about the pregnancy until you atleast got your doctor's opinion. For one, miscarriages are common & usually happen within the first 3 months....I wouldnt tell your pregnancy until you are pa__sed this point. best of luck.


Sydney - June 29

Hey anna....also...i dont mean to discourage you & put negative thoughts in your head about a miscarriage. I worried like crazy & so far things are fine...I would say if you have no signs or symptoms past 7 weeks then you should be fine.


Audrea - June 29

Well from what I know and have read you ovulate 14 days before your next period, not 14 days after you start. They say 14 days after your last period only if you have a 28 day cycle, but many have longer than 28 day cycles. So going from that I would say around the 1st of June. You say you had s_x on the 31st so that could be the day since the sperm live at least 72 hours and would have had time to travel to reach the egg if you ovulated the next day or the day after that.


Jessica F. - June 29

Looks like you got pregnant on May 31st (sperm can live inside you for up to 72 hrs) and your due date is Feb 22nd and your 7wks along


Lynn - June 29

Doctors, nurses, or any health care provider can definitely answer this for you...


KH - June 29

prob the 31st or the 2nd. You usually ovulate 14 days after the first day of your period, so either day you could have conceived esp. since sperm lives in you for up to a few days.....


krys - June 29

GEESH...I wish i had that much desire to have s_x that much!!!


anna - June 29

I'm pretty sure i got preg around the 31st....just woderin..theresno chance could had been the 13th 2 days b4 my next period right?


Gina - June 29

hmm, sounds to me like there is a multiple partner concern


anna - June 29

The guy i messed around with on the 14th we started tobt stoped he didn''t get off or close to it. just worred, i made a bad mistake. would just like to know what the chances are of me gettin preg the 13th.


Gina - June 29

anna, I hear that they can do something called and hcg test/blood test at the doctors office to find out exactly how far along you are, check into that to ease your mind


anna - June 29

thanks....see the ovulation charts say iwas ovulating around the 30th...i wentto the doctors they say I'm about 5 1/2 weeks when i went judging from my last period. i heard you have a better chance of gettin preg when ovulating..and the dates i had s_x were close to then. they are gussin my due date is the 22nd of feb. I am 99% sure who the dad is....just want to be 100%...thanks for your help and infromation


Gina - June 29

no problem, hope everything works out for you :)


anna - June 29

I'm driving myself crazy....


Sydney - July 8

Hey Anna...after you talk to your doctor & tell him all the infromation you possibly can & then FEEL like you have the answer you are looking for then go with it....if your wrong in the long run then you can deal with it then. People make mistakes. I am almost 100% that my baby is by a specific guy & that is what im going by....there is seriously like a 3% chance that it could be my ex with whom i had s_x with 3 weeks prior to .....when my doctor estimated me to be 5 weeks.....& has continued to confirm very close dates I was more positive it wasnt my ex's...however, in the end if it miraculously was-then whoops! who cares! im not letting those LITTLE odds out now-thats for sure!



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