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Nicole121306 - May 30

Hey everybody. My situation is that I'm 12 weeks pregnant and last week I could feel the pressure of the baby in my tummy and had the mommy feeling of I knew I was pregnant. It seems like overnight most of my symptoms went away and I didn't have the feeling something was wrong and I didn't have the pressure anymore. I have had absolutely no spotting or cramping. I called my dr on Friday and they said they would call me back but still haven't. Same thing today. I'm really scared. Could something be wrong or since I'm going to be a first time mom could I be blowing this totally out of proportion?? Please help me. Even if you have the same thing and still don't know if something's wrong. I just wanna know I'm not alone in this. Thank you so much.


lexa - May 30

I repeat this sooo many times, but I always say WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT! What kind of pressure were you having? Like maybe had to go to the bathroom type of pressure and couldn't? If you have no spotting or cramping, that is good. If you are worried still, call your doctor back if you are still feeling the pressure and get it checked out. Please come back and let us know how you are too.


venus_in_scorpio - May 30

your symptoms could disappear because youre entering the 2nd trimester. most women say months 4,5,6 are the easiest. I have found this to be true. in my first trimester, I gained 10 pounds despite CONSTANT nausea, I was always tired to the point I didnt want to MOVE, noteven to go for my walks, hell not even to go shopping, my b___bs hurt really really bad... and about 3 or 4 weeks ago, my appet_te changed, my b___bs stopped being as sore, and i am back walking 2 miles again, i feel like I can get up in the morning! I ts great so far. last thursday at my appointment baby was doing fine! maybe youre just pa__sing out of the 1st trimester.


Betul - May 30

Some women notice a huge difference between the 1st and 2nd trimester. Once I hit 12 weeks, I always feel much better and have more energy and for the most part don't even feel pregnant. I know it can be a little scary when you are used to feeling ill, tired, and crampy to all of a sudden not feel that way anymore. Until you are about 20 weeks (since this your first) and can feel the baby's movements it is normal to have moments of uncertainty especially when you are feeling so good! Also, at about 12 weeks your uterus lifts out of your pelvic region (it needs more room now!) and so that may be why you don't feel the pressure you felt before. You are not alone, most first time moms feel like you do and your doctor should definately help to a__sure you. Keep us updated!


sophandbob - May 30

I have days when i just don't feel pregnant at all, and I'm 25 weeks. The 2nd trimester is supposed to be the one when most symptoms ease off.



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