Someone Please Help Whats This Sound Like

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Annabell - September 14

Hello all!! I was wondering if any of this sounds like pregnancy. Im 8-9dpo. I had cramps since 6dpo. Today there not here alot today, when they are there a dull ach and annoying. I have gotten watery once this morning that turned into creamy lotiony cm. all ady theres alot its on my underwear some and alot internaly. my temps are still up my stomach feels like theres more pressure in the lower stomach area. when i walk my stomach feels a lil sore, my br___t are still sore. i got really dizzy last night. i wake up with a stuffy nose, but im not sick. my cervix is medium high and medium to the texture. What do you think. im trying to wait as long as i can to test, its just so hard. any help will be greatly appriciated. ~*~*~BaByDuSt~*~*~


sera - September 14

no offense at all but i can't really understand what you're talking about with the abbreviations you used. i'm kinda new to this site and don't know a lot of the "terms" - fill me in***


Annabell - September 14

dpo= days past ovulation, cm= cervical mucus,. sorry about the abbs. can u understand now. sorry most people know. hope you the best. ~*~*~BaByDuSt~*~*~


Jolie - September 15

Everyone is different, but it sounds more like your AF and allergies then pregnancy - especially this early... Sorry...


Debs - September 15

Hi Annabell Sounds to me honey that you've gotten yourself so anxious you're looking for every sign, I say this not to be rude, but to be supportive. I am Exactly as u r...... As soon as my little egg is ready, I count the days, watch and record every little detail. Its driving me crazy.... Some people can have symptoms so close to ovulation, and yes some of the things you say can be interpreted as preggo...... but you know as well as I do only time tells. The more signs you convince yourself you have, the bigger the fall when AF sets in. Try to stay calm and hopeful, listen to your body, if in your heart you know you feel different.Take it easy. I'm 14dpo, had symptoms since ovulation, I'm waiting for AF and I know deep down she's coming. But, che'll come and go, I'll get down. Then I'll pick myself up and start all over again. Good luck to u.... I hope u get a BFP!


words of advice - September 15

I agree with debs post your looking for every little sign I realize you are wanting to be prego but heres a trick I used of course I knew when I would be most fertile and my cycle was very reg every 28 days so when I was calculating my dates I put the my cycle was due like a week later than what it really was and just did the deed on my fert days and then just put it out of my mind....then when I looked at the day I put as the start date of my cycle when it got to that point I was really already late...I took the test a viola I was preggers!! It helps to not be looking every day cause then your trying too hard and it won't happen just relax....I am now 20wks...good luck baby dust to you!!



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