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katie - November 27

Hi, well I was last on my period november 7th I had unprotected s_x on the 17th 18th 19th and 20th since 2 days ago I have been cramping and felt tired and sick i have also had gas and just a weird feeling in my stomach..Do you think Im about to start my period or could I be pregnant??


lilmama - November 27

these are all symptoms of pregnancy, but could also be your period starting. If your periods are very regular you shouldnt start for a while, since your last was the 7th though. I would wait to see if your period starts. A few days before it is supposed to you can take a test but it probably would not show up on one if you are right now because it is too soon.


estee - November 27

good possibility you're pregnant...


estee - November 27

if you have regular cycles at least...


Amy - November 30

If your worried, then your mind will play tricks on you. I took a test after my 1st and 2nd day of missed period, that all you need. I'm nearly 5months pregnant now with a boy! If your gonna do a test, do one of those digital ones! They can be expensive, so if you use a regular one...don't drink loads of water before hand, it dilutes the hormones and give a negitive result, even if your possitive! Thats what happened to me!


T - November 30

Why do people worry themselves with this? Unless you or your partner are infertile or have had a histerectomy (when your uterus is removed) it's always possible that a s_xually active women could be pregnant. Forget the "pregnancy" symptoms because they could mean any number of things, even that your period is coming. Instead, wait until your period is a few days late and test! Most tests are sensitive enough to test the day after your missed period but waiting a few extra days will ensure you don't end up with a false negative because the pregnancy hormone isn't strong enough to detect in your system yet. Oh, and do some research to find out how your own body and reproductive system works. Finding out how long your cycle is, your most fertile days, etc. is just smart for any women, whether she is trying to get pregnant or, trying to avoid it. This will avoid those too-frequent questions of: could I be pregnant? If there were online pregnancy tests that worked, women wouldn't have to wonder for 2-3wks after they had s_x, they'd know right away!



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