Someone Reassure Me

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lacy - October 3

Hi ladies! This is my first pregnancy, and I have some concerns. I may just be paranoid but im just afraid something could be wrong. I havent had any morning sickness, and the only symptoms i have are mildly sore br___ts, and im more emotional. I guess i have been urinating more frequently, too...I just feel like I should be feeling worse! I had one ultrasound, and we were able to see the heartbeat, but im just always afraid something might be wrong and i just dont know it this normal?


keekee - October 3

Every pregnancy is different. You could just be one of those lucky women who doesn't get morning sickness. Be happy and don't worry. Any more concerns contact your doctor. Congrats!!!


Kris - October 3

How far along are you? Morning sickness doesn't usually show up right away or anything.


Evy - October 3

I know exactly what you mean since up to now I have had such a great pregnancy - no morning sickness, no heartburn, really- I have to remind myself I am pregnant sometimes. But I am as pregnant as can be - in my 20th week - and so far this has been a very normal pregnancy. These ladies are right, everyone is different. Enjoy it!


Dustie - October 3

You sound so normal! I think every woman goes through the same fears/worries. Just try to think positively, don't worry unless you know you have something to worry about. I had NO morning sickness and NO other symptoms same as you. I am 27 weeks and my baby is fine & healthy.


Kris - October 3

You are probably just one of the lucky ones! =) Damn you! (just kidding!)


aimeei - October 3

ya that is soooo normal ...every woman wants her baby to be healthy...and worrys about all the possible risks and god ur luckey your not sick i wish i had your luck


Lissi - October 3

Don't worry Lacy. I'm sure you're fine. I didn't have sickness either, just sore b___bs like you, and even that came and went. It's normal to be paranoid when you're pregnant. I was worried the whole time too, but everything turned out just fine and I have a beautiful baby girl. You've seen the heartbeat, so nothing to worry about. Just count yourself lucky that you don't feel ill. :)


M.A. - October 3

Your fine, and your baby's fine. I went through the exact same thing in my first. One piece of advise. Pray for the fear to leave you daily. It works! And pray for WISDOM to fill yourself and your child. God bless you both.


Beth S - October 3

i was in your position when i was preggo and he is perfect. just enjoy not having all of those terrible symptoms


Shelly - October 4

Its perfectly normal to be worried,i now have a beautiful 8 week old baby boy and i only vomited once during my pregnancy,that was the only time i had morning sickness.Just in case you don't have it get the "what to expect when you are expecting" book,a lot of concerns are explained in there and of course stick with this forum,good luck!!!


Lacy - October 4

thank you for your replies! I am already in my third month and i still feel completely fine....I was just worried that I was supposed to be holding onto the toilet every morning, or at least feeling a little off far, im fine.


Lisa - October 4

I'm 18 weeks and besides sore b___sts at the first and tiredness I don't even feel like I'm pregnant I feel so good. I worry too sometimes; if it was not for my belly getting bigger and my ultrasounds everyweek I would have thought my baby suddenly disappeared.



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