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tiffani - April 12

Do you think you should only have as many children as you can afford to put through college? What if you can afford to give them a comfortable/normal life, but the cost of a 4 year ride at a good school is a bit intimidating? Should affordability of a college education determine how many children you have?


Misty - April 12

I would day no. But that is just me. My parents struggled just to provide for my brother and I. We have no college fund and my fiance and I will pay for our own wedding because my parents can't afford it. But we had a wonderful life growing up. We did so many things together, and I would hate to not have had a life because of no college fund. I am still going to college now anyway. I think it would be how many children you can provide a good life for. It is just people opinions will very greatly on what a good life is.


rose - April 12

no....whos to say they will even want college? and even if they do there are plenty of organizations that can dont know what the future holds and i wouldnt plan too much around would be nice to have that kind of money but most people dont and still manage....just my opinion...


tiffani - April 12

My thinking was as long as we could give them love, support, and stability, then we were doing good. Older generations seem to feel you should have enough money in the bank to fully fund your childs education so they don't graduate from college in debt. I don't necessarily agree with that, especially since my college money was spent on a bitter divorce between my parents. Granted, it was there when I got out of high school, but I didn't go to college until 3 years later, and by that point my parents though I would never go, so the divorce lawyers got my college money.


Just my opinion - April 12

I actually do think you should take in account all sorts of things while planning for a child or children. It makes me a little uneasy when I see these big families w/ 4 and 5 kids that look like they haven't had a bath in weeks.I am not trying to stereotype but I do see it in bigger families. It's something you and your spouse should talk about and see what works for your situation. You'll get 100 opinions on here.


answer - April 12

just because you opt for a big family dosnt mean you wont bathe your children.....many of us would not be here if our ancestors used birth control....


Just my opinion - April 12

Not looking for a p__sing match-again I stated it was "just MY opnion" but thanks for your wonderful retort!!!!


tiffani - April 12

Maybe I should have said love, support, stability, and a BATH. Lol.


Just my opinion - April 12

Tiffani-OK girl, that was funny. I am not trying to pick on big families in anyway, shape or form. I just feel bad for some children I see whose parents look like they didn't give too much into what it takes to raise them. It's ALOT easier to make a baby then to support it. Good luck in whatever your decision is.


L** - April 12

With the rising cost of college, only the welthiest families will be able to afford to send their children. I don't think you should see college education as a deciding factor in having more kids or not. Just be honest with your kids from the beginning, let them know at 13 or 14 that you're not paying for it so they can start planning.. scholarships, financial aid, part time work, what it is. I know plenty of people who put themselves through college. I work in the financial planning field & honestly, we tell people to worry about retirement before they worry about paying for college.. you'll fund ways to pay for college, but once you're in retirement, nobody is going to give you financial aid or grants to be retired!


...( . )..( . )... - April 12

in MY opinion, you should only have children you can be responsible for. And by that I mean not compromising their needs nor put the family in dire situations just because you want to multiply your genes and need to procreate. As for ME, I would like to have a max of 2 f. I can : provide their basic needs without going into welfare, food stamps, or keep moving home etc. Also, so I could provide for a variety of experiences such as travel/trips, toys/games for their development-- and maybe afford getting a sitter for them sometimes so hubby and I can have some couple time together and be happy -- which is very important to the little ones to see.Having a college education is a good investment you can give to your children. In this day and age that is one of the things nobody could take away from them. With the compet_tion out there, it's always a good base to start with, and will give them options later in life--long after we the parents are gone. Literacy also plays a part in living the life in our culture. Sure, good is OK-- but being better or best sure has an edge!


Liz - April 12

Hmmm this is an interesting post. I worked for 10 years as an a__soc. dir. of college admissions/recruitment before staying home w/ dd. I can't tell you the tears, anger ect. that some applicants would exhibit in my office.I felt so greatful my parents sent me to college and it use to kill me to listen to their stories. I think as a parent you should try and provide as much as you possibly can for your child(not hand them everthing,mind you) so they can have a decent chance. I, however also feel (as I use to tell my students) that if theres a will there's a way. In this day and age if you want to go to college you can. Tiffani- you sound like you have a concerned, solid head on your shoulders!!!! I think you should have as many kids as you want.


tiffani - April 12

We are in the process of setting up a prepaid college education plan for our children. The best thing about it is we are paying for their education at todays rate, not the going rate in 2021, when our first child would likely be a freshman. The only bad thing is our kids would have to go to an in state school. If they choose out of state, they will have far less $$ from us to spend on their education, and they bear the burden of the difference.I have just encountered so many opinions on what parents "should" do and was curious what others thought.


Liz - April 12

Hey Tiffani at least you are saving already. Think of all the parents that fly by the seat of their pants and then are shocked when college years roll around. My parents made me chose an "in state" school and I (as I said) will be forever greatful. We are saving at today's rate also.


tara - April 12

I would like to be able to put my kids through college and university and pay for it all my self and we are planning on starting a savings acount for that purpose. But by the time our kids are in college who knows if the money that we have saved for them will be enough? there are 3 of us in my family and we had to pay for our own education as well as using student loans - which was sometimes hard, but we all did well and it some ways made us grow up a lot faster than our peers who had thier education paid for. Ofcourse parents helped out as much as they could and when they did it was my much appreciated.


PP - April 12

I think you should determine your family size on your abillity like tifani said based on the ability to provide food, clothing and shelter as well as compa__sion and love. As far as college goes it is something that yes if possible please save for your children but also enstill the desire to excell in school and earn scholarships. I am saving for my childrens education and I will continue to do so but I will not lose sleep if I cannot pay for every last dime. So to answer your question tiffani no you should base your family size on affordability of college but more so on the affordability of basic needs and love.


tiffani - April 12

Tara~ I live in Virginia and we have a 529 plan. Have you heard of something similar in your state? (a__suming you live in America) You can prepay your childs education at todays rate, which guarantees they will be able to attend college without having to come out of pocket with tuition $$$. The catch (if you can call it that) is that they have to attend an in state school. It's definitely worth looking in to. If I can help you, just let me know. :o)



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