Something Wrong With Nurses

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leslie - April 25

Is there something I am missing about nurses???? Everyone in this board..have complains about them...they seem like if they don't even care what pain you are going thru...or like they don't even notice you..and about not asking for things that they are about to insert things, change your pads after labor, treat you like if you have no feelings??..maybe I am wrong but Am I supposed to be scared of them?


Sam - April 25

Nah. 90% of nurses are great. You know when you have a bad experience, it always makes a bigger impression on you than good experiences. The last time i was at the ER I had one nurse that was inbearable. (She inserted the catheter very roughly on the second try. When i said, "Ouch. Could you be more careful?" She said, "Oh, c'mon, it's not that bad. if you think this hurts, you're going to have a hell of a time giving birth!! I hope you don't have your baby at this hospital, cuz your screaming will wake up the building!") I tell people about her all the time. What people don't hear about are the 3 other nurses that tended to me that were angels. Gentle. perky. Actually cared.... Some nurses have just been in the business too long and are going through the motions. Those are the ones you have to worry about.


Tara - April 25

Sam is right-most are the nurses in the maternity ward are wonderful. They are not dealing with sick cranky people but rather beautful new babies and excited(most of the time) parents! You have nothing to worry about!


Stephanie - April 25

The nurses that I had when I had my daughter (in the daytime) were wonderful. Very nice, and compa__sionate especially when I threw up all over the place. It was the night nurses that I did not care for. I remember that I needed a pacifier for my daughter because I could not get her to stop crying, and I was dead tired and thought it would help, and was treated pretty badly by the night nurses. It seemed that when I buzzed them they were irriated that they had to come and help. I also think that was the hospital that I was in....this time around I'm going to go to a different one.


Maleficent - April 25

most of the nurses i've been under the care of are wonderful. the hospital where i had my son was just a lousy hospital with lousy nurses and lousy doctors. i was nervous when i had my daughter (at a different hospital) but all the nurses and staff were wonderful and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. i hope nothing i've said scared you. (some of your examples sound like things i've said) sam is right, people tend to be more vocal about complaints than compliments. if you do end up with nurse cranky pants don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. no one deserves to be treated badly. and nurses are wonderful people who really don't get the credit they deserve.


Misty - April 25

When I gave birth to my son I think I would have prefered if only my nurse was in there with me. My doctor made me feel like I couldn't do it and said I needed to have a c-section. He left to go do that and my very nice nurse said I was doing fine and I could have this baby naturally no problem. I was in the process of pushing with her when my doc came back in and asked her why she had me doing that and took me to the c-section. Long story short my nurse made things seem easier and more bareable and pleasant for me while my doctor made things hell. I am opposite of you, I am scared of doctors, they are so much more powerful, and you can't decide while you are delivering that you picked the wrong doctor and you want a new one.


lilmum - April 25

I definately agree. i only had one bad nurse while i had my first child, but i was there five days and all the other nurses i had had done such a good job of helping me, making me feel comfortable and being just plain nice, that i made an effort to rant and rave about what a wonderful hospital it is, and how great my stay was, and i recomended it to all my friends because i didn't want them to be scared by hearing all the horrible things i had heard.


Audrea - April 26

I am an RN myself and work with postpartum moms and also in the NICU. I totally agree there are some nurses out there that can make it seem like all are bad by one bad experience. I myself do not understand how any nurse can be so impatient and nonempathetic and still stay in their job. I personally feel that if any nurse starts to feel that way then maybe it is time for a career change. Every nurse is supposed to act as the patient's advocate. It is in our Nurse Practice Act to do so. You can always request another nurse if you have a really bad one. I have seen this done many times. It is your experience at the hospital that is the most important thing afterall.


chel - April 26

With my first child I had a wonderful experience with the nurses. They waited on me hand and foot. When I remarked to one of them about how nice they were, she told me that their hospital had a no tolerence policy for bad bedside manners. I think that's great. With my second child at another hospital, the nurses were really lousy. I think it's just because they see so much of this stuff. They become immune to whiny pregnant women.



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