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JLorenzo - April 7

So back in the 20th week we had a sonogram and the tech said she was 95% sure it was a girl. Because of the gestational diabetes, our doctor ordered an additional sonogram for tomorrow. We are almost 36 weeks. I was curious if anyone has heard or experienced a situation in which a sonogram gave them the gender but the delivery of the baby gave them a surprise? Not that I care either way, but we got an awful lot of pink at the shower...


ann - April 7

i have a freind who was told she was having a girl, went out and bought all pink but when the baby was born it was a boy. she was in shock and denied the baby saying no, its supposed to be a girl. i didnt have a boy! but she accepted it as you do. its never happened to me though.


monica - April 7

it hasnt happened to me yet. but I know a lot of people that the u/s has said boy or girl and baby comes out visa versa.


jena - April 7

my friend was having "90% girl" up until she pushed it out and everyone was silent... she was screaming, "what's wrong??" only to hear, "It's... a..... boy...." She had no name for it, no clothes, no nothing :) She was REALLY bummed but just got her girl last month :). So it happens! At least you have 95%, not 90%, right? :)


JLorenzo - April 8

Yeah, we got the 95%. But we got all pick as well! Going to be the prettiest little boy if we end up having one! Thanks everyone.


BBK - April 8

Yes, a good friend of mine has a 4 year old son for whom we had bought lots of pink stuff! They exchanged it of course :-)


Jenn - April 8

Before my niece was born at each ultrasound they said it was a boy...needless to say, when she came out, she took us all by surprise! I'm scheduled for my next ultrasound at 17 weeks...I really hope I can find out the s_x then =)


emily - April 8

if they say its a boy, your having a boy. if they say its a girl, theres still a small chance of having a boy...


JLorenzo - April 9

It is a girl! We saw the Vagina on the sonogram. And she weighs 6lbs and 10 ounces already. Doctor may take us early...


Mindy - April 9

my husband best friend which is a guy...came home in pink!!!



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